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Members Practising Sustainable Tourism

Members Practising Sustainable Tourism
You can view each members' sustainable tourism projects under their own company listing. Here is an overview of some of the fantastic work going on in the UK and abroad by our members.

Engaging with local businesses

Successful sustainable tourism depends on travellers personally engaging in authentic local experiences. Clients return having enjoyed a richer holiday experience and communities gain from direct investment in small businesses and the preservation of traditional crafts. Bearing this in mind Kirker will improve and increase such possibilities in Italy, France and Spain over the coming years.
In 2019 Kirker will focus on implementing this long term goal in Italy, our most important destination. We will update and extend our Guide Notes for Italy, to recommend more locally-run and independently-owned businesses that contribute to the long-term social and cultural fabric of the destination and to communicate better the benefits of sustainable tourism. .
In addition, we will introduce a new weekly walking tour in Florence for all Kirker clients at a subsidised cost to help them discover smaller museums, local restaurants and traditional artisans where authentic crafts, customs and skills are preserved. We will also better promote travel to Italy at off-peak times for more authentic experiences and to help reduce over tourism.
Finally, Kirker will raise more than £10,000 in donations from client events and sponsorship by the end of 2019 for charities, including the Venice in Peril Fund which is devoted to the preservation of cultural and social heritage. Kirker is delighted to be able to continue to support local individuals, businesses and charities in our most important destinations. In doing so we aim to raise awareness and encourage more responsible and rewarding travel among our guests.

  • Help visitors to engage with authentic local experiences
  • Promote local businesses: bars, restaurants and shops
  • Subsidised walking tours with local experts
  • Raise a minimum of £10,000 for charity to support conservation
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Promoting the Protection and Preservation of Natural Landscapes in the UK - Our 2019 AITO Protect Pledge

In 2019 Absolute Escapes have chosen to focus on becoming a more environmentally conscientious tour operator by introducing comprehensive sustainability policies for our employees and promoting sustainable practices to our clients.

More specifically, we aim to create a comprehensive Sustainability Policy covering all areas of our business for each member of our team to actively engage with. We will also promote sustainable tourism practices in communication with clients prior to their holiday (approx. 1000 clients per annum) as well as through our social media channels.

In order to further highlight our commitment to sustainable tourism, we will continue our work with the John Muir Trust, dedicating 30 volunteer days to the Trust; organise a monthly litter pick-up in the green-areas of Edinburgh, our hometown; and our staff will also pick up litter on their trips outside the office. We will also participate in a charity fund-raising event in aid of Venture Scotland (, aiming to raise £500 for them to improve the lives of young people in Scotland by teaching them outdoor skills to help with their personal development.

The promotion of the protection and preservation of natural landscapes in the UK is important to us as we benefit directly from the natural beauty of our surroundings. It will benefit our clients and destinations by protecting the landscapes that they visit on their holidays with us.

We hope that by engaging in these promises and promoting them to our clients we will encourage further interest and discussion on conservation.

  • Create a comprehensive sustainability policy
  • Promote sustainable tourism practices with our clients
  • Continue our work with the John Muir Trust
  • Monthly litter-picking activities
  • Fund-raise for Venture Scotland
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Supporting social enterprise and environmental conservation initiatives in Cambodia

For our 2019 AITO Project PROTECT pledge we will therefore focus on one of our most important and much-loved destinations – Cambodia. We will expand our support for grassroots initiatives in Cambodia by promoting simple but positive changes in our holiday itineraries.

  • .
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To help combat litter and promote the reduction of single-use plastics in Morocco and further afield

In 2019 KE Adventure Travel is focusing on reducing litter and single-use plastics in Morocco. We’ve seen first-hand and heard from clients that litter is a significant problem there and want to ensure we leave no trace when we travel there and help combat the issue too.

This year we will arrange 2 unique departures for 2020 on our Edge of the Sahara Trek. This will involve using 2 extra camels so we can responsibly bring back litter collected by clients. Our aim will be for each client to collect 1 kilo, so that for 2 full trips with 12 pax each we will collect 24 kilos from the Sahara desert in total. If successful we will run these special departures each year.

We also want to continue to develop our project from last year by providing our leaders in KE's top 10 destinations, with 10 free Water-to-Go bottles per country. Leaders can then reliably access clean water and lead by example for our clients. We’re going to get clients involved and make this sustainable by giving them the option to buy a KE branded Water-to-Go bottle at a discounted rate, whereby one filter is donated for a guide. In the next 6 months we aim to sell 125 Water-to-Go bottles generating the same amount of filters for the guides.

  • Our customers will benefit greatly from both projects as they’ll contribute directly to the issue and give back to an area they love to visit.
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Transforming the lives of families living on the shores of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala through art.

Helping the village of Santa Catalina, on the shores of Lake Atitlan , by supporting the Pintando Project which aims to change the lives of the community through thoughtful street art linked to Maya tradition.

  • . Make as much money as possible for the project !
  • . Help promote the project by introducing as many people as possible to this vibrant destination.
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Protecting Scotland's marine life

At McKinlay Kidd we recognise that Scotland’s coastal environment is as fragile as it is breath-taking. We understand the importance of protecting this environment and those that live in it for future generations.

  • • Reduce the impact of tourism on the marine environment through education
  • • Inform people travelling to the Hebrides about the need for marine life protection
  • • Promote the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust
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Leading by example to reduce plastics in our offices and destinations

Inside Travel Group are passionate about the destinations they work in and would like to preserve their natural beauty for the future. We are therefore encouraging staff and clients to reduce their use of plastics thus helping to mitigate environmental problems associated with producing and the disposal of plastic items, such as carbon emissions created in production; harmful toxins causing health impacts where there is improper plastic disposal and incineration; and marine wildlife which ingest the plastic floating in our seas.

Starting in 2019, we will improve recycling facilities in the Bristol office to reduce waste and encourage behavioural change. We will advocate a culture of ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ through Zero Waste campaigns, easy-to-follow guides and incentives for recycling ambassadors such as visiting the Bristol Waste Recycling Plant. We aim to reduce our non-recyclable waste by 50%.

We will also help their clients to become Green Ambassadors when travelling in Japan, where plastic packaging waste is second highest in the world per capita. We plan to send pre-trip information to 4,000 clients on how to reduce their plastic use on holiday, be better informed about how to take positive steps and thus empowered to reduce their environmental impact on their holiday. By setting a good example our clients will encourage other tourists to do the same and have a positive impact on the level of plastic waste produced in Japan.

By doing this we will be raising awareness about the negative environmental effects of plastic, encouraging positive behaviour changes and making it easier for staff and clients to use less plastic.

  • Reducing plastic use in our offices.
  • Encouraging tour leaders and staff on FAM trips to lead by example.
  • Empowering our clients to reduce their plastic use by giving them language tools to refuse plastic and to prepare them in advance.
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Cyclone Kenneth Relief

Mozambique, is a beautiful country that we at Africa Collection are proud to have worked with for many
years. We understand the necessity to help protect and develop the destination, especially after the recent natural disasters that have had devastating effects and will continue to have long-term impacts.

In 2019 we have therefore chosen to work with the two organisations that are already helping to rebuild this beautiful country.

Firstly, we aim to raise £1,000.00 through fundraising this year for the Disaster Emergency Committe (DEC). This money will go specifically towards their Cyclone Idai Appeal to deliver relief such as emergency shelter kits, food, water purification tablets and urgent healthcare to the affected areas.

We also aim to raise £5,000.00 for a project of the Nema Foundation in Northern Mozambique which helps rebuild the communities washed away by Cyclone Kenneth. To raise this money we will double every £5.00 donation made by a client on a booking to raise the total donated from each booking to £15.00. We will also carry out further fundraising activities such as a raffle and a sponsored walk. The Nema Foundation work to equip rural communities to sustainably eradicate poverty in their villages by creating projects that overlap and reinforce each other, creating stronger foundations for continued development.

The money Africa Collection raises will be vital for completely rebuilding communities and helping them to get back on their feet and continue to thrive. If you would like to further support this cause, please donate here:

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    Reducing single-use plastic bottles on our tours and festivals.

    In 2019, Martin Randall Travel are starting a new initiative to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles distributed on our tours and festivals. Currently, we provide these bottles on coach travel for all clients on our tours. In 2019 so far, this amounts to 27,472 bottles.

    This year,however, we aim to reduce this by 12% percent thus saving 3,333 single-use bottles. We will do this by asking all clients travelling on select tours from June 2019 onwards to bring a reusable water bottle or purchase a Water-to-Go bottle, particularly useful for destinations where tap water isn’t drinkable, instead of providing plastic bottles on coaches. We will then roll out the initiative across our global destinations with the aim to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on all tours by 2021.

    By partnering with Water-to-Go we are able to offer MRT clients a 15% discount when they purchase a bottle. Water-to-Go bottles are built for life, have zero carbon footprint and filter out 99% of bacteria in dirty water. Water-to-Go will also donate 15% of all proceeds to our chosen charity – the India Solar Water Heating project led by Natural Capital Partners, which provides solar water heaters to households in India fuelled by renewable energy.

    By implementing this pledge MRT and its clients will be helping to reduce plastic consumption and waste, thus protecting the wonderful environments we travel through, especially those with limited infrastructure to dispose of plastic waste, and our beautiful oceans.

    More information:

    • Use the code 'MARTINRANDALL' for a 15% discount.
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    Sustaining the Threatened Livelihoods of Sri Lanka's Chauffeur-Guides (2019)

    Experience Travel Group has raised £15,157 in a crowdfunding campaign, to support our freelance chauffeur guides in Sri Lanka whose livelihoods were threatened by the sudden drop in tourism following the bomb attacks of Easter Sunday 2019.

    • .
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