AITO: The Association of Independent Tour Operators

Pettitts Travel Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Pettitts Travel

Supporting social enterprise and environmental conservation initiatives in Cambodia

At Pettitts Travel we are passionate about our holiday destinations and understand the importance of promoting responsible travel to help protect these places for generations to come.

For our 2019 AITO Project PROTECT pledge we will therefore focus on one of our most important and much-loved destinations – Cambodia. We will expand our support for grassroots initiatives in Cambodia by promoting simple but positive changes in our holiday itineraries.

These changes will include adding accommodation choices and eating establishments that support the local community and are advocates for local products as well as less well-known cultural highlights for 100% of our Cambodia trips. We will share informative mailshots to all our existing clients with a focus on Cambodia to draw attention to these exciting additions so that clients feel inspired to incorporate these within their tailor-made holiday itinerary.

By doing this Pettitts Travel and its customers will be supporting local Cambodian communities in a more sustainable way as well as caring more for the local environment. By choosing these community-based and less travelled options our clients will be directly giving something back to local inhabitants whilst at the same time enhancing their own holiday experience and addressing the growing concern of overtourism and the impact this has on local Cambodian communities.

We believe sustainable initiatives do not always need to be big projects and feel that by carefully refining our current itineraries with recommendations to better reflect a sustainable and ethical ethos we can make an immediate difference.