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Members Practising Sustainable Tourism

Members Practising Sustainable Tourism
You can view each members' sustainable tourism projects under their own company listing. Here is an overview of some of the fantastic work going on in the UK and abroad by our members.

Toilet Twinning

Toilet Twinning are a UK based charity with one commendable goal – to flush away poverty!

  • Engage with local communities to teach them about hygiene.
  • Provide clean water and teach skills for building latrines.
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Community Support

Along with our commitment to long-term projects, the Wild Frontiers Foundation also supports communities we visit with funding for a particular need.

  • Community support funding:
  • £700 for a new school bus in Ladakh, India
  • Tree planting programme in Bijaipur Village, India
  • 3 new beds for maternity ward at Bijaipur hospital, India
  • Computer lab & wrestling mats at Bijaipur Village School
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Classroom Sponsorship - Northern Laos

Through classroom sponsorship, we are able to help our partners at the Lone Buffalo Foundation to offer free English lessons to children from poor rural communities in northern Laos.

  • $100 a month classroom sponsorship provides:
  • 6 hours of English tuition per week
  • Class of 15 to 25 young people
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Chitral School Scholarship - Pakistan

What we believe is the only grant of its type in this region of northern Pakistan, our £500 annual scholarship fund offers five students a year the opportunity to move onto higher education.

  • The scholarship programme was established in 2012
  • Five students a year have been awarded a scholarship
  • Both boys and girls awarded scholarships
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e-Learning Centres - Ethiopia

We are working with our partners at Camara to create new e-learning centres at schools in Ethiopia. With £2500 initial funding from the foundation, Camara installed 25 recycled computers Aba’ala Secondary School, in the remote Afar region.

  • £2500 initial funding from the foundation allowed:
  • 25 recycled computers installed
  • Educational software loaded
  • Teachers trained
  • We are now working on a second e-learning centre in Addis Ababa.
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John Muir Trust

We are proud to be members of the John Muir Trust., the leading wild land conservation organisation in the UK, dedicated to protecting wild places. We support the Trust in its belief that wild places are essential for people and wildlife.

  • Safeguard iconic wild lands such as Ben Nevis, Sandwood Bay and the Red Cuillin
  • Support campaigns against inappropriate developments in wild places
  • Reinforce John Muir’s message that we need wild places for nature and people.
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Lemoenland Pre-School

Cedarberg set up a small rural pre-school in South Africa in 2001. We know how important a good early education can be, especially for children from poor or previously disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they are not already behind at age 7.

  • 2 classrooms with 2 properly qualified teachers and a teacher’s assistant.
  • Every year there are about 50+ children.
  • We follow the set pre-school curriculum
  • Regular funding drives to get extra money for school outings
  • New - breakfast!
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Kalaw Elephant Project - Myanmar (Burma)

Our local team is working together with two young tourism professionals originating from Kalaw. They decided to set up a project there that is focused on protecting nature, elephants and the traditions of local people.

  • The project includes creating a natural environment for Myanmar elephants and helping the local population to use education and micro finance to emerge from poverty.
  • It is not encouraged to ride the elephants.
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Karanambu Trust - Guyana

In Guyana, we stay at Karanambu Ranch home of Diane McTurk, well known for her work in rehabilitating orphaned Giant River Otters to the wild.

  • Diane has started the Karanambu Trust in an attempt to create a private protected area at Karanambu. The primary purpose of the protected area will be the protection of the habitat for the otters and ensuring their survival.
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The Lone Buffalo Foundation - Laos

This is a special project in Laos offering young people free English courses, taught by a native speaker.

  • Meeting foreigners (with different accents!) to practice English is a special event for students and helps to overcome their shyness of speaking in public. LBF encourages their students to continue to study for careers.
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