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Cookie Policy

We aim to make our website as user-friendly as possible. To do so, we use cookies, as most websites do.

What is a cookie?

Think of cookies as small files that contain information of data, which are automatically downloaded when you visit a website. When you visit this website again, the cookies filled with the information you provided on your first visit, are being sent back to the originated website. This is very useful to you, since you are automatically being recognized and you don’t need to provide all your information again.

In the following we will show you which cookies we use, how to disable them and what the impact would be if you really wish to do so.

How to disable cookies

If you decide rather not to give any information, although your opportunities will be limited, you need to do the following:

  • Internet Explorer - Use the Tools > Internet Options drop down menu and access the "Privacy" Tab. Then move the slider to the "Block all cookies" option.
  • Mozilla Firefox - Use the Tools > Options drop down menu, then click on the "Privacy" tab. Disable the box labelled "Accept Cookies From sites"
  • Google Chrome - Use the Tools > Options drop down menu, then click on "Under the Hood". Select "Cookie Setting" and then "Block all Cookies".

For other browsers (and further reading on cookies) please follow the instructions at the link below:

Different type of cookies

There are several different types of cookies. Below we show the cookies we use on our website:

Cookies used by the AITO website

Cookie Name Expires Information
ASP.NET_SessionId Date not set Session ID
mL 6 months Member's login
tbL 6 months Member's login
bpL 6 months Member's login
shmL 6 months Member's login
abL 6 months Members' login
cb-enabled 1 year Cookie consent

Third party cookies

Cookie Name Host Expires Information
_ga Google 2 years Used to distinguish users
_gid Google 24 hours Used to distinguish users
_gat Google 1 minute Used to throttle request rate