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KE Adventure Travel Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Projects from KE Adventure Travel

To help combat litter and promote the reduction of single-use plastics in Morocco and further afield

In 2019 KE Adventure Travel is focusing on reducing litter and single-use plastics in Morocco. We’ve seen first-hand and heard from clients that litter is a significant problem there and want to ensure we leave no trace when we travel there and help combat the issue too.

This year we will arrange 2 unique departures for 2020 on our Edge of the Sahara Trek. This will involve using 2 extra camels so we can responsibly bring back litter collected by clients. Our aim will be for each client to collect 1 kilo, so that for 2 full trips with 12 pax each we will collect 24 kilos from the Sahara desert in total. If successful we will run these special departures each year.

We also want to continue to develop our project from last year by providing our leaders in KE's top 10 destinations, with 10 free Water-to-Go bottles per country. Leaders can then reliably access clean water and lead by example for our clients. We’re going to get clients involved and make this sustainable by giving them the option to buy a KE branded Water-to-Go bottle at a discounted rate, whereby one filter is donated for a guide. In the next 6 months we aim to sell 125 Water-to-Go bottles generating the same amount of filters for the guides.

  • Our customers will benefit greatly from both projects as they’ll contribute directly to the issue and give back to an area they love to visit.

Reducing single-use plastics and encouraging the use of reusable items

AITO Project Protect Testimonial

In 2018 KE made an official commitment to reducing single-use plastics, encouraging the use of reusable items instead. Plastic and waste is becoming an increasing problem, and if we want to keep the places we visit beautiful then we need to take the correct steps to combat this. We believe that everyone needs to work together to fix the plastic problem so we addressed the issue amongst our staff in the UK, our ground agents globally and our clients.
At our Keswick HQ, we removed unnecessary single use products, such as non-reusable soap dispensers, and organised a local litter pick to help with the Lake District’s over tourism issue. We have updated our website to remind our clients to avoid taking single-use items and leaving waste in country for all our 400+ trips. We are also offering a discount on filtered water bottles from Water-to-Go. We have only made five sales so far, so aim to promote the offer more in 2019.
We have sent emails to 118 agents worldwide to highlight our new policy and inform them that clients should no longer be supplied with single-use plastic bottles or encouraged to buy them. We had 83 responses, finding that 62 of our agents don’t use single use at all. Agents who use 500ml bottles have asked for help and are now switching to using larger containers to provide water.
Our customers are really positive about the project. One said: “The guides try to minimize the ecological costs of the trip by reducing waste as much as possible. I really appreciated this”. Other clients have been in touch to say when they feel trips do not meet the standards. This was incredibly useful as it highlighted where we still have work to do.
In 2018 we were ambitious but realistic with our aims and are really happy with the results. Working as a team has been extremely helpful and allowed us to have a wider impact. In the future we will continue working with our agents, staff and clients to reduce ours.

KE Adventure are raising £5,000 in 2017 to help rebuild Nepal

Nepal is one of KE Adventure Travel’s top destinations. Our customers love to travel there! It is also a place close to our hearts, so when it was hit by the devastating earthquake in April 2015 we wanted to do all we could to help this remarkable country get back on its feet. We asked our clients for donations and had an amazing response, raising £165,000 with which we built 10 new schools through The Juniper Trust.
Now just over 2 years later Nepal is no longer in the headlines but it is still in need of our help. Our pledge for 2017 is therefore to raise at least £5,000 to put towards school maintenance and the continuous requests for educational items so that we can continue to help provide the young children with the best schooling possible. By helping to teach them we are contributing towards a better future for Nepal and its subsequent generations.
We hope to achieve this by doing the following:

  • empowering our customers with the option to forgo their free gift and to choose a donation to the Juniper Trust.
  • involving our clients in this objective, so that the value of their holiday experience has been increased.