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Why travellers’ reviews matter?

All holidays offered by AITO members are guaranteed to be of a high standard. They take this very seriously and so do we. Our tour operators offer an exciting mix of specialist trips all over the world. They adhere to our quality charter and strive for nothing short of an exceptional experience for their travellers.

Reviews from AITO travellers are at the heart of our association. The impartial feedback provided by our community ensure that our members are adhering to our quality standards.

Offering valuable feedback on our site is straight forward. After you have travelled with one of our members, find them here and click the link on their page to post a review. There's a short form for you to fill out. AITO travellers typically go beyond the minimum requirement for feedback, as they leave a review on their tour operators’ website and then also share their thoughts on

This invaluable feedback is much more than a star rating; our travellers often offer tips, ideas, anecdotes and suggestions for future trip takers, making it a great place to source holiday inspiration. In addition, our two tiered reviews system allows past travellers to rate both their holiday and the tour operator individually. To get started, find the operator you travelled with here.