AITO: The Association of Independent Tour Operators

Sustainable Tourism

AITO Ethos

AITO believes tourism can be a force for good and should benefit the lives of those whose countries we visit.

We are committed to making travel more sustainable and acknowledge that tourism can have an environmental, social and economic impact on the destination involved. Through our Sustainable Tourism Committee, AITO advises, encourages and assists members on both the broader and more specific issues of sustainable tourism in order to:

  • Protect the Environment – its flora, fauna and landscapes
  • Respect local cultures – traditions, religions and built heritage
  • Benefit local communities – both economically and socially
  • Conserve natural resources – from office to destination
  • Minimise pollution – through noise, waste disposal and congestion

We fulfil these responsibilities by:

  • Establishing our own policies and involving our staff
  • Informing our clients about sustainable tourism and, where appropriate,
  • Encouraging them to participate
  • Working with our suppliers and partners to achieve sustainable goals and practices
  • Publicising good practice to encourage and spread awareness about sustainable tourism