Member's Projects

Members Practising Sustainable Tourism

You can view each members' sustainable tourism projects under their own company listing. However, here is an overview of some of the fantastic work going on in the UK and abroad by our members.

New Lifeline

Nomadic Thoughts are the UK office of New Lifeline - supporting vulnerable people through social, health and education programmes.
  • We are proud to continue working with and supporting a variety of sustainability projects across Mexico and Guatemala.
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Tap & Recap - Join our Filtered Water BottleCampaign

As a part of Wild Frontiers traveller code we are asking our travellers to consider using refillable, filtered water bottles while on holiday to help reduce the ever growing problem of plastic water bottle waste across the planet.
  • A million plastic bottles are purchased every minute
  • Efforts to recycle this amount of plastic are struggling to keep up.
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India Solar Water Heating

Martin Randall Travel is proud to now support the India Solar Water Heating project through its carbon offset scheme.
  • This project provides in-house hot water supplies fueled by renewable energy to homes, community buildings and small to medium-sized businesses throughout India.
  • We are partnered with this project through the organisation Carbon Neutral.
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Toilet Twinning

Toilet Twinning are a UK based charity with one commendable goal – to flush away poverty!
  • Engage with local communities to teach them about hygiene.
  • Provide clean water and teach skills for building latrines.
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Community Support

Along with our commitment to long-term projects, the Wild Frontiers Foundation also supports communities we visit with funding for a particular need.
  • Community support funding:
  • £700 for a new school bus in Ladakh, India
  • Tree planting programme in Bijaipur Village, India
  • 3 new beds for maternity ward at Bijaipur hospital, India
  • Computer lab & wrestling mats at Bijaipur Village School
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