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Members Practising Sustainable Tourism

Here is an overview of some of the fantastic work going on in the UK and abroad by AITO members.You can also view each members' sustainable tourism projects under their own company listing.

Reducing landfill on Crete by installing recycling bins in 50% of Pure Crete’s holiday houses

Over the past few years Pure Crete’s representatives have noticed an increasing amount of customers asking where they should take their refuse to be recycled. Our holiday houses do not have recycling bins and our customers are used to recycling back home so they find this unusual. In 2018 Pure Crete has therefore decided to reduce the amount of landfill waste its customers produce by introducing recycling bins into our holiday houses. We aim to increase the recycling by 80% in 50% of our properties by providing them with one bin for plastics, card and tin, and one bin for glass. Pure Crete will inform individual house owners what the bins are for and explain our intentions and goal. There are recycling points in local villages and towns. We will ask the owners to empty the designated recycle bins there once full. If this is a problem our local staff will offer to assist. In addition we will design an information sheet in each house for our clients with instructions on how they should dispose of their waste and some information about AITO PROTECT. We will report on our results at the end of October 2018. By helping us to recycle more waste our customers will be directly involved in reducing landfill on Crete. We hope this will contribute to the enjoyment of our customers’ holiday by giving them a sense of giving something back to the environment of the destination they have visited and enjoyed.
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Tackling plastic bottles – one sip at a time

Travelling in more remote and unspoilt places often means not being able to drink the local water, so travellers often rely on bottled water. While this can be inexpensive and readily available, many destinations don’t have recycling programmes and as such are left with vast amounts of plastic waste that is either sent to landfill or strewn about the countryside. This is an issue that concerns RWH’s clients and staff because who wants to see a natural beauty spot blighted by litter? So, to help matters we have teamed up with a UK based company called Water to Go to promote the use of a re-usable filtered water bottle that allows travellers to safely drink from local sources without creating more plastic waste. In 2017/18 we aim to sell 1000 reusable bottles at a discounted price. By using one of these filtered bottles on a week holiday, one person alone could save between 14-21 plastic bottles. With every 100 reusable bottles sold, that’s between 1400-2100 bottles! We will highlight the benefits of these reusable bottles to our clients by providing information at the Adventure Show, Destinations, 50+ travel shows, in over 55 000 brochure mailings and on our website. Water to Go will make a donation to our own staff led charity, Heart & Sole, for each bottle sold. We will then use these funds to support projects around the world, such as a school breakfast club in St Lucia and providing needed items to an orphanage in Costa Rica.
  • Reducing plastic waste
  • Kinder to the environment
  • Promoting sustainable water use
  • A benefit to travellers in remote regions
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Creating a “Wilderness Future Fund”

We love Scotland’s wild places and so do our customers. At Wilderness Scotland we understand the powerful sense of exhilaration and awe that these places can evoke. We also recognise the environmental sensitivity of these places and strive to do everything we can to preserve them for future generations. In 2017, we plan to build on the success of our past Customer Contribution Scheme and create a “Wilderness Future Fund”. This will be an annual fund created by increasing the voluntary contribution from £5 to £10 per person. Rather than simply donating the money to a conservation charity and letting them choose how the money is spent Wilderness Scotland want to direct the fund towards specific local environmental and community projects, ensuring that we are closely involved in how, and where, the money is spent. We pledge to support two projects each year, one environmental and one social. We predict that £6,000 of donations will be available in the first year with increases predicted in following years. Every customer who contributes to the fund in 2017 will therefore be directly helping us to fulfil this pledge. We plan to support different projects each year and to grow our fund so that over time we can help a variety of projects. Together with our customers, we will be investing in the future of Scotland’s wild places and helping to ensure that future generations can also experience these incredible wild lands.
  • Protecting Scotland's wilderness for future generations.
  • Increasing our voluntary contribution to £10 per person.
  • Creating a fund that can be directed to specific projects.
  • Taking control over how funds are allocated.
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Protecting Europe’s Butterflies

Amongst the 450+ wildlife holidays that we operate around the world each year, around 20 focus on butterflies. Here in the UK and across the globe the habitats that these endearing insects need are becoming increasingly fragile with constant pressures from the ever-developing world we live in. We want to do our utmost to help protect and manage these habitats which will not only benefit butterflies but the ecosystem as a whole. In 2017 Naturetrek will invest 10% of all income generated from our butterfly-focused holidays to the charity Butterfly Conservation. This aim in year one is to protect and effectively manage an area of the Chilterns specifically to allow the threatened Duke of Burgundy butterfly to expand its range. This work will greatly reduce the risk of further local extinctions hence ensuring this beautiful butterfly can thrive in this area. We will be funding different projects each year focusing on protecting and correctly managing habitats for different butterfly species, whilst ensuring that under Butterfly Conservation’s expert stewardship a great range of other species will also benefit. Each participant on our butterfly holidays will also receive a year’s membership to the charity, giving them the opportunity for further learning and inspiration on the conservation of butterflies. With this commitment, our Naturetrek customers will be helping to ensure that vital butterfly habitats are protected across the UK and Europe for the enjoyment of all.
  • We are supporting Butterfly Conservation via dedicated butterfly-focused tours.
  • 10% of tour income will be donated to the charity each year.
  • Projects in 2017 include management of The Chilterns for conservation of the Duke of Burgundy.
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Funding places for four young people on conservation summer camps

Martin Randall Travel is proud to support Action for Conservation. AFC is a UK charity which aims to inspire young people, aged 12–18 and predominantly from deprived areas, to become the next generation of nature conservationists through workshops in UK secondary schools and conservation-focused summer camps. We have chosen to become involved with AFC because we understand the importance of protecting our destinations – so that travellers today and into the future can continue to enjoy them – and that education is a big part of that. The camps provide an environment in which to focus on conservation issues and solutions, as well as developing social and leadership skills. The ultimate aim is to empower young people to become ‘Ambassadors for Change’, and that they will go on to actively engage with environmental issues and to educate others. In 2018, Martin Randall Travel aims to work with its clients to raise £3,000 for AFC, which will be enough to send four young people on a camp. We will encourage our clients to donate by offering to match their donations up to our target of £3,000, and by informing them about the difference their donation will make. So as to provide a firm commitment for AFC, we will guarantee at least £1,500. We aim to reach our target by April 2018, so that we can fund spaces on camps in summer 2018. In addition, we are planning one-off fundraising events such as carol singing at our local tube station, and we will post photographs and videos of these activities on social media and our website so that our clients can follow our progress . The testimonials and statistics that AFC have shown us regarding the impact of their camps are incredibly impressive and show that these camps can really be life-changing experiences for these young people. As we continue our involvement with the charity, we hope to be able to demonstrate the impact that donations from us and our customers have made.
  • Action for Conservation is a UK-based charity, which runs conservation summer camps and workshops for young people.
  • Martin Randall Travel is aiming to fund four summer camp places in 2018.
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