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Martin Randall Travel Sustainability

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

Many of our tours feature visits to towns and villages off the beaten tourist trail, enabling you to experience local traditions and practices, such as artisan pasta-making and cheese production on our gastronomic tours to Italy.

In the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and certain European countries, we employ local agents who take care of many of the logistical tour arrangements on our behalf. Most of our current relationships have been built up over the course of many years of business.

In addition to supporting the communities and local economies of the places we visit, we also strive to limit our impact on the environment. Our itineraries are designed to spend more time in places visited than on conventional tours; this often means there are days without travel.

Like us, you can also choose to donate to the local heritage sites we visit, such as York Minster (visited on The Cathedrals of England tour), where donations contribute to restoration and conservation of the buildings.

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Sustainable Tourism Projects from Martin Randall Travel

Reducing single-use plastic bottles on our tours and festivals.

In 2019, Martin Randall Travel are starting a new initiative to reduce the number of single-use plastic water bottles distributed on our tours and festivals. Currently, we provide these bottles on coach travel for all clients on our tours. In 2019 so far, this amounts to 27,472 bottles.

This year,however, we aim to reduce this by 12% percent thus saving 3,333 single-use bottles. We will do this by asking all clients travelling on select tours from June 2019 onwards to bring a reusable water bottle or purchase a Water-to-Go bottle, particularly useful for destinations where tap water isn’t drinkable, instead of providing plastic bottles on coaches. We will then roll out the initiative across our global destinations with the aim to eliminate the use of plastic water bottles on all tours by 2021.

By partnering with Water-to-Go we are able to offer MRT clients a 15% discount when they purchase a bottle. Water-to-Go bottles are built for life, have zero carbon footprint and filter out 99% of bacteria in dirty water. Water-to-Go will also donate 15% of all proceeds to our chosen charity – the India Solar Water Heating project led by Natural Capital Partners, which provides solar water heaters to households in India fuelled by renewable energy.

By implementing this pledge MRT and its clients will be helping to reduce plastic consumption and waste, thus protecting the wonderful environments we travel through, especially those with limited infrastructure to dispose of plastic waste, and our beautiful oceans.

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Funding places for four young people on conservation summer camps

Martin Randall Travel is thrilled to have raised £2,555 for Action for Conservation in 2018.

AFC is a UK charity which aims to inspire young people, aged 12–18 and predominantly from deprived areas, to become the next generation of nature conservationists. The money raised has enabled two young people to attend AFC’s life changing residential summer camp, returning home empowered with the motivation, skills and support to promote conservation in their own communities.

We thoroughly enjoyed the fundraising journey. We are extremely grateful of the support from our clients who donated generously and it was very exciting when the first few donations came in following an email we sent out over Christmas. Martin Randall Travel also raised money by forming a Christmas Choir which entertained the commuters at Gunnersbury Station, resulting in £174 in donations. The Sustainability Team also held a bake sale with delicious home-made treats in our Voysey House office and raised over £165.
The main fundraising challenge was spreading the message to our clients and the community. AFC stands for such an important cause.UK wildlife has suffered significant damage over the past 40 years, with over 50% of species now in decline. Despite this, 52% of people are unaware of the threat to biodiversity in the UK. We hope that through our fundraising efforts we have helped share AFC’s values and created an awareness for conservation. It is rewarding to know our efforts will allow children who have never left London before to broaden their horizons and learn about nature and possibly become the next generation of conservationists.

As a company we believe that by educating and creating environmentally conscious young people now, we can create an exponential impact and shape the future of sustainable business. Supporting AFC to educate young people has helped us to achieve this goal and protect our destinations so that travellers today and into the future can enjoy them.

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India Solar Water Heating

Martin Randall Travel is proud to now support the India Solar Water Heating project through its carbon offset scheme.

  • This project provides in-house hot water supplies fueled by renewable energy to homes, community buildings and small to medium-sized businesses throughout India.
  • We are partnered with this project through the organisation Carbon Neutral.