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PT Ski Limited Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Projects from PT Ski Limited

PT Ski is continuing to reduce their single use plastic consumption in Klosters

Single use plastics are a concept which has really been brought to the fore in the last couple of years. Using travel coffee mugs and carrying water bottles is now very much the done thing and those without are the exception rather than the rule. Over the last few years PT Ski has been inspired by the work at the Klosters Forum on this issue as well as David Attenborough’s Blue Planet to reduce the use of single-use plastics we use as a company.

In 2018 PT Ski pledged to find alternative methods to eliminate our single plastic usage in resort. By changing our sourcing we now supply our guests with canned water on their airport transfer and children that ski with us now use compostable paper cups for drink with their morning snack. These changes have enabled us to save 400-500 single use plastic water bottles and over 500 juice cartons with their plastic linings, plastic straws and plastic packaging. Furthermore, the canned water actually looks much smarter than plastic bottles, which is more in keeping with the service we want to provide.

In addition, we now supply our guests with a PT Ski reusable water bottle so that they can continue to use it after their holiday and thus reduce their plastic usage at home. We are also encouraging guests not to use single-use plastic during the rest of their holiday.

Our guests have welcomed the alternatives we have introduced and have been enthusiastic and encouraging about the changes we are making.

Switzerland takes an active interest in recycling and, as such, has a far superior recycling structure to that of the UK. We have been inspired by their enthusiasm for this and the importance that the country has placed on this issue, transferring it back to our homes and office. By putting measures in place to reduce and discourage single plastic usage in our business and amongst our guests we hope to set an example and to encourage clients to take these practices into other parts of their lives.

Encouraging greater communication of sustainability projects on the Davos Klosters website

The community of Klosters takes great pride in its local environment and does a huge amount to protect its mountains, forests, glaciers and wildlife as well as its farming heritage and local traditions. However, they could certainly improve the way they communicate what they are doing to various stakeholders such as tourists, local businesses and other interested parties. We believe that many visitors to Klosters would be genuinely interested to know the action that is being taken to preserve the charm and character of this lovely ski resort. Indeed, by making this information more readily available they will foster greater engagement with their stakeholders which could lead to further funding and support for their initiatives.

PT Ski will work closely with Klosters to encourage them to promote their sustainability activities more widely. We aim to inspire them to dedicate a section of the Davos Klosters website detailing their successes in taking care of the local environment and outlining their plans for the future by the end of 2018. Once online we will link this section of their website to our own and would be delighted to share future successes on our own social media platforms and newsletters. In future, we also aim to pick one or two of the initiatives that are mentioned and to support them either financially or in other ways because we love the village of Klosters and want to help in any way we can to preserve and support this wonderful place. We know that our guests will be delighted to know that by coming on holiday with us they are helping preserve the destination.

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