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A Culinary Journey

A Culinary Journey

A Culinary Journey Overview

Italian food, is some of the best in the world. So, why wouldn’t you want to learn how to recreate all that deliciousness? You’ll head home with a full tummy, happy heart and newly acquired cooking skills!

There is more to Piedmont than just chocolate and truffles, indeed there are many unique local dishes and recipes specific to this region. This itinerary offers you the chance to roll-up your sleeves, put your chef’s hat on and get up close and personal with typical Italian ingredients. Not only will you learn how to make a number of different dishes, but you’ll learn all about the origins of ‘slow-cooking’, and how Italians’ are able to turn a meal, into a love affair! You’ll be looked after by a number of fantastic chefs, who will show you the ropes and offer as much guidance as you wish.
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