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Fleewinter Sustainability

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

We are privileged to work in some beautiful places , but also ones that have major challenges. We believe the only way to help countries develop is invest in education, particularity for the youngest children. If you get that right there is a chance of avoiding some of the issue down the track. Sometimes it is difficult to bypass some more obvious pressing needs to focus on the youngest but in the long term it is the only way

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Fleewinter

Mamfabissa, South Africa

Mamfabissa is a small community in South Africa, not far from the famous Kruger Safari Park. In late 2012 we identified a group of serious vulnerable young children and have provided finding to help give them basic support and education.

  • It is early days but already the funds we have raised (around £2000) have started a programme of social care and education for a group of 75 children. It is a small part of a big problem but it is start and many thanks to our clients

Morocco Schools

We are very proud to manage a programme to help Moroccan schools in the rural area south of Essaouira. In 2010 we became aware of a primary school that a lovely teacher and children but also holes in the roof and no toilet facilities.

  • We set up funding and managing a repair programme and September 2012 the school re-opened. We have now started on our second school. Thanks for all our clients for make this possible.