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A week in Leipzig to hear Wagner's Ring and see Leipzig and Halle with a tour manager and music lecturer.

By AandJ on 17 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Outstanding success on every count

Rating for tour operator Excellent

High level of competence and attention to detail with an excellent tour manager and music lecturer made the tour a great success for everyone on it.

A Great Trip into Roman and Greek History

By Brenda CTA on 16 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

I just loved the in depth treatment of our chosen subject

Rating for tour operator Excellent

I have now done two tours with Martin Randall and both have been excellent in every way. I will certainly be using this Company again.

Well Organised and covered everything we wanted to see.

By KB on 16 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A tour of Western Andalusia which covered the main cities.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very professional

Cultural holiday

By argeebargee on 16 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Palladian Villas - 5 nights - intense introduction to magnificent Palladian Villas in Via Veneto - accompanied by enthusiastic Lecturer - good, convenient hotel accommodation wonderful sights, compelling stories. Interesting restaurants, great wine. On the go the whole time - not for the faint hearted - excellent tour manager

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Martin Randall Travel - very efficient, great staff, knowledgable and enthusiastic lecturer and tour manager

It was not a holiday.

By Bob on 15 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Average

We spent 3 days listening to wonderful music at the Castle Hotel in Taunton.

Rating for tour operator Average

They did not do very much.

Venetian Palaces, with Martin Randall, March 2018

By GC on 14 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

It focused on visiting a mix of private palaces still owned by descendants of original Venetian families and other palaces which are now public buildings. A very special private evening tour of San Marco was also included. My husband and I agree that we thought the trip was just perfect. We stayed at the Hotel Sant' Angelo, a 4 Star hotel on the Grand Canal, ate in a variety of lovely restaurants, visited homes we are certain we'd never see without Martin Randall,and had the services of a really professional lecturer and tour manager as well as local guides . Everything was well run, organized, and fun, too! When we had finished the tour, Ken and I had a new appreciation for not only the buildings but also their functions and how those functions determined their floor plans. We've seen the English Cathedrals with Martin Randall and are really looking forward to our next in-depth tour with them in Florence.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Martin Randall Tours are very well run and professional in every detail. My husband and I like the focus on a particular theme, whether it be art, architecture, music or history. We particularly like their tours that focus on a particular theme in one city, such as our Venice tour. No packing or unpacking every few days. Our time was spent on visiting Venice and its Palaces, not on long bus rides between destinations. The groups are small and have been, for us two Americans, very welcoming.

A great day exploring the City of London, we learnt a lot

By Tech60 on 11 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

All day tour of the Square Mile with Professor Peter Rees who was head of planning for 29 years. Discovered how the city has changes and is still changing and why.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very well organised, good information before the event. Everything was run to time with good food at interesting venues.

From St Paul's to the Sky Bar - a thrilling journey

By Ann L on 11 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A day's tour, on foot, of the Square Mile of the City of London, and, wow, what an experience this was. Professor Peter Rees, ex-City Planning Officer for the City, is a wonderful, entertaining and insightful guide to take you on this journey. From Saint Paul's to the Walkie Talkie Sky Bar, you are led through the buzzing heart of the City, and shown the rich mix of the City's architecture, from the traditional to the ultra-modern - to the sites of reconstruction and new construction. Refreshments along the way, starting at the Madison roof restaurant, lunching at the Dickensian George and Vulture and ending the day with cocktails in the Sky Bar, it is a fantastic way to spend a day in London.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Martin Randall is an excellent tour operator. I have previously enjoyed a walking holiday in Italy and took the tour I write about above on 10th April. They are efficiently, smoothly and discreetly operated tours which avoid making one feel part of a herded group. Expert tour guides and managers at all times. Martin Randall himself is very hands on and I think this is part of the success. I was also treated to a wonderful free lunch at Bocca di Lupo - yes, there is such a thing as a free lunch ! - and this is clearly another feature of their clever marketing policy at Martin Randall. Well, it works, as I fully intend to book another Italian holiday with them next year.


By pbl on 3 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Everything was extremely well-planned. The accommodation was excellent and well situated. The programme well thought out, and we had good seats. The lecturer so interesting and very approachable. The museums interesting and varied and we had a brilliant local guide. There was also free time. I can't fault the trip. The Martin Randall tour leader was first class. A trip to remember.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Five star service in all areas. I have only praise.

An overview of Minoan archaeology, Cretan history, geography and culture

By RuthH on 1 Apr 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A cultural tour to the main Minoan archaeological sites and museums of Crete with an opportunity to experience Cretan food and culture across the island. This trip provided input from an academic expert in Minoan archaeology, a local Cretan guide and a tour manager allowing the opportunity to travel to three centres across the island and learn from the experts in a seamless tour, expertly delivered.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Martin Randall Travel provide specialist tours across Europe and beyond. Their organisation and attention to detail in respect of every aspect of the tour - including travel, transfers, hotels, meals, visits to sites of interest and provision of expert lecturers and guides is outstanding.