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Birdwatching in Ecuador

By Lotti on 1 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Great! It was a birdwatching holiday, so we were going to see birds and we did see birds! Lots of them in spite of several days of rain. Well what do you wxpect when you are in a rainforest? It was well laid out so we could visit various places where special birds were. It would have been difficult to find them on your own or to cover all the areas we did. It was hard work, up at or before dawn and back after dark. But that is the time when birds are up and about. We were informed that we had to be reasonably fit as it was a lot of walking and often on uneven ground. It was all that but the guides made sure we all coped and some of us took it a bit slower than others. The good thing with birdwatching is that you have to stop a lot to watch the birds and that was enough to give us time to catch up. We stayed in very nice lodges,clean and safe, and we had lots of lovely, local homecooked food

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek do take good care of their customers. We have had a few hickups on our travels but they have always been seen to very well. In Nepal some years ago the Maoists caused trouble and no cars were allowed, no problems we were collected at the airport by horse and cart. As we could not go east as planned we stayed in Kathmandu and our guide Tika Ram Giri kept us very busy birdwatching there. Another trip in Ecuador saw us on the roadside with our luggage but no bus. Some political reson. We waited and got a bit tense. Then two of the guides disappeared down the road and Edwardo said Lets go birdwatching. Within minutes we saw a family of Hoatsin in a tree by the road! Whohaa! Who cares about a missing bus? We got one later ,it was the local bus that our guide had hijacked and with a mighty squeeze we all got in and away. I trust Naturetrek to sort out any problem ,small or big without any problenms for the customers.

Great Birding in Holland in Winter /HOL 158

By Adler Doug on 28 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

5 days Birding in Winter.Able to see species not normally seen in UK.
Tour Leader used local bird alerts and did his best to find some rarities.
Otherwise always ready to pass on his expert knowledge to those with less experience.
His persistence paid off with some surprises.
Able to see various mixed flocks of geese which enabled one to distinguish between

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek arranged a well organised trip.From travel,hotel and an excellent guide

Brilliant birdwatching weekend

By Alison on 28 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a weekend on the Somerset Levels geared to birdwatching, especially starlings en masse, ducks and wildfowl, and rare visitors such as hawfinch and cattle egret. The hotel in Wells was an excellent base and the Naturetrek itinerary and leaders were extremely good. It was even well worth getting up at 5am on the Sunday to go to see the starlings rise from their roost!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This is the first time I have used Naturetrek and would rate them very highly on this experience.

Excellent in all aspects

By cc on 24 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Excellent holiday, very well organised from booking to pre holiday info to holiday itself, with particular credit to guide.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Excellent organisation

New and Old, Nature watching and ruin exploring.

By Puffins on 23 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Good

The main focus of the holiday was bird watching, we saw 242 species. There was some excellent snorkelling so great fish watching too. For some relief we explored Mayan ruins on two sites, Lamanai in Belize and Tikal in Guatemala.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek had everything well organised for beginning to end. We were a small group (4) so our guide was Ornithologist, driver and tour organiser. He was very competent in all roles.

Sweden in winter

By Lizzie on 23 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Busy full days and early starts with a very experienced guide looking for wildlife...birds especially the forests of a nature reserve area.
Stunning snowy scenery and good sightings of some birds.
Friendly small group of interesting people.

Rating for tour operator Good

Naturetrek are. very good at arranging exciting and interesting itineries,good accommodation and expert guides.

Very enjoyable birding and Maya history tour.

By Sloop JohnB on 23 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A tour of different parts of Belize taking in Tikal in Guatemala spotting birds and other wildlife in different environments including those of ancient Maya sites.

Rating for tour operator Good

The tour was well organised and the tour guide was knowledgeable and attentive.

The usual problems were experienced with airlines still appearing to be unable to provide simple vegetarian meals after all these decades.

Somerset Levels: Beginners' Birdwatching

By PEJ on 23 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Excellent: guides knowledgeable and good company. Saw lots of birds and the starling murmuration - at night and 5.30 am the following day! Hotel first class.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek staff very helpful and efficient. Holiday well thought out.

the Forest of Dean

By Hilarius on 22 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A birdwatching weekend based at the Speech House. A lovely place to stay; excellent food and accommodation and also convenient for the sites to be visited.

Places visited included Symmonds Yat and Cannons Ponds. Birds seen included the Goshawk, Peregrine Falcon, Sparrow Hawk, Mandarin Ducks, Crossbills, Marsh Tits and flocks of Hawfinches, Redpolls and Siskins as well as many commoner species.

We had a good leader who was very knowledgeable.

All in all a vey good weekend.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

I have been travelling with Naturetrek for many years both overseas, in Europe and in the UK. I have never been disappointed with one of their holidays. In fact I think the company goes from strength to strength and goes on improving.

a weekend in the Somerset levels

By PJ on 18 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was an excellent birdwatching holiday in the care of two excellent and knowledgeable leaders.
We stayed in a comfortable hotel In the historic city of Wells and experienced a comprehensive introduction to the unique region known as the levels.
The only negative aspect of our holiday was the bitterly cold and sometimes wet weather !

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek is a well established operator of wildlife holidays on an international basis.
Their holidays are typically well organised, with good itineraries, leaders and are reasonable value for money.