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Brilliant birding bonanza!

By norfolkrobin on 30 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A superb birding safari to South Africa, visiting some great sites, well chosen accommodation and excellent tour guides.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Did everything you would expect and kept us up to speed throughout.

Living alongside the animals.

By Mrs M R 17 on 29 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We were extremely well looked after. The accommodation and food were excellent. Although there were many wild animals around, we were supervised at all times and felt safe. I was very pleased that the welfare of the animals was very high on the list of priorites and was never threatened. The animals were persuaded to move out of camp but if they decided not to move, then we just waited until they did move.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Right from the start, Naturetrek went out of their way to be as helpful as they could. I have mobility concerns and they went out of their way to accommodate any needs and to make sure all went very smoothly for me. I can't praise them enough.

Great trip, so glad we went

By pspeak on 29 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

The location in Zambia was superb, with lots of wildlife on the doorstep (sometimes literally)! Guides were friendly and knowledgeable about the wildlife and the local area and we had two successful drives each day. All staff at Kafunta River Lodge were excellent and the accommodation and food was great. We saw 144 species of birds during the week, as well as most of the hoped-for mammals and quite a few reptiles, insects, etc. Elephants and hippos wandering around the camp were an unexpected and wonderful experience, with staff on hand to make sure we were safe. All in all thoroughly recommended!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek were very helpful right from the start, recommending tours that might be suitable for us. The booking process was straightforward and they happily arranged connecting flights to Heathrow for us to join the group, advising which was the best way to travel. At all times, questions were answered promptly, whether by phone call or email. Very impressed with the Company, we'll be travelling with them again.

Fantastic trip

By Flipper on 28 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Our bird watching trip to Ecuador was the experience of a lifetime. Tehe accommodation was amazing with a wonderful guide throughout.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Always helpful and efficient with nothing too much trouble.

A very pleasant few days enjoying the range of bird and other wildlife in and around Coto Donana

By Chris on 28 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a short nature watching holiday in and around the Coto Donana based in a single hotel in El Rocio. It was led by an experienced naturalist who was able to provide expert guidance on identification of the species seen and the ecology of the area. The days were well planned and paced with plenty of time to enjoy bird watching.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

An experienced nature holiday company which has good access to local naturalists and guides. The company offer a range of experiences in location and duration according to needs and preferences. The tours are generally well planned and refined with experience and deliver against expectations.

Little Red Riding Hood - eat your heart out!

By White Wolf on 28 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

This was a 5 day trip wolf watching in Palencia, in Spain, in early November (in a group of 12); and it was perfect from start to finish. Everything was meticulously organised and our Tour Manager/interpreter and local guides were exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The trip gave us 3 full days out-and-about from before dawn to late afternoon.

Day 1 started a bit misty and drizzly and we had only one brief sighting of a wolf. Day 2 was blue skies and sunshine from start to finish and we spent 2 hours watching a magnificent alpha male basking in the sun and going about his business of patrolling and scent-marking his territory. Since we had such a good sighting on day 2, on day 3 we went on to look for wildcats and were rewarded by an hour and a half of studying a wildcat hunting, and catching, three water voles.

Following our early watches each day we retired to a bar for a warming coffee and then went on to spend the rest of the days enjoying leisurely walks on trails through the beautiful countryside and ancient oak and beech woodlands, identifying bird calls, examining the droppings and spoor of a variety of animals (brown bears, wolves, wildcats, foxes, pine and beech martens) and learning about the varied species of trees and plants. Every day we had sightings of numerous types of smaller birds and many raptors (including golden eagles, griffon vultures, red kites and buzzards). On the afternoon of the third day it snowed, so during the trip we were treated to sights of the countryside in all its moods.

Prior to our departures each day we helped ourselves to breakfast from supplies of muesli, fruit, yoghurts, juices, etc. and tea or coffee. 'Picnic' lunches each day were sumptuous feasts, prepared by our guides, consisting of cold meats, fish, salads and local delicacies, accompanied by a choice of wines and juices. Following each evening's group debrief we were treated to delicious, home-cooked, hot meals, washed down with local wines. Although not vegetarian myself, I was told by a group member that the vegetarian options were excellent.

Our accommodation was in converted farm buildings, each section having two or three double/twin rooms with shared bath/shower and toilet facilities. We slept in comfortable beds in rooms that were warm, clean and quite spacious, and simply but well fitted out. Our hosts, Tino and Rosa, couldn't have been more welcoming.

The whole trip was a joy, and it was infinitely enhanced by the passion and in-depth knowledge of our local guides, who dedicate so much of their time to the conservation of this precious environment (where vehicles and tourists are equally rare). These qualities, together with their warmth and humour, meant that time spent in their company slipped away all too quickly. I would love to go back and spend more time with them.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

This was my first trip with Naturetrek and I was greatly impressed by the quality of service which it provided. From start to finish everything was beautifully organised, with a standard of professionalism which many other tour operators would do well to emulate. When I spoke to staff on the telephone they were unfailingly helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, and they always did what they promised.

The pre-departure information packs were excellent and full of helpful details; and the response to post-tour feedback has been faultless. It is obvious that the company has invested time and effort to put together this tour package, and takes a pride in providing good service - for which it deserves commendation. On this experience I am happy to recommend Naturetrek to family and friends and hope to travel with the company again in the future.

Ecuador Mammals

By Rebecca on 28 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

I had a fantastic time. Visiting the Amazon Rainforest was a dream come true for me. There was so much plant and animal life with each step we took through the forest, or each creek we travelled along. We saw several monkey species, giant otters, an anaconda, and hundreds of birds Napo Wildlife Centre was a wonderful place to stay, with friendly and knowledgeable staff, expert local guides, tasty and plentiful food, and comfortable and clean cabins. We had a bonus day out in the Andes at the end of the trip, where we saw Andean Condors. I would recommend this trip to anyone.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek were very well organised, and kept in touch with us with each stage of the organisation of the trip. They provided very helpful pre-departure information. We were picked up by very helpful agents in Quito, and our guide Ruben was fantastic - very knowledgeable about the animals, plants, people and history of the rainforest. He was also very thoughtful and helpful in a number of ways.

Birdwatching the rainforest

By John on 27 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Good

Canopy Tower views over the Panamanian forest, many tanagers, sloths and other birds. Walking the Pipeline Road didn't disappoint, army ants plus attendant ant birds and ant shrikes. Canopy Lodge was very comfortable and the food plentiful and tasty.

Rating for tour operator Good

Naturetrek were very good. no problems at all.

Superb experience of Madagascan Wildlife

By Anon on 24 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

14 day holiday travelling through Madagascar to see the best wildlife parks concentrating on lemurs with the addition of endemic birdlife.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Naturetrek's tour leaders are experts in their fields and optimise the chances of viewing targeted species. Their local guides are also top notch. Booking and all aspects of their holidays are made as simple as possible.They also have a very informative brochure.

excellent wildlife experience

By judith on 24 Nov 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

The holiday was a two week wildlife trip to Madagascar, primarily searching for lemurs. The local guides and the English trip leader were keen to show us as much of the local wildlife as possible and we did see a lot of weird and wonderful creatures. Madagascar is a very poor country but the food and hotels were a qood standard and the people were very welcoming. There was some long drives but there was always something to see and we had plenty of stops to stretch our legs. Our trip leader and guide were concerned about everyone's welfare and tried their best to promptly rectify any problems that anyone had.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

They try their best to accommodate any variations from the planned trip eg flying from regional airports. All of the leaders we have had so far have been friendly, caring, and very keen naturalists who take pride in showing travellers the wonderful wildlife of their country. The company provides comprehensive information about the trip an itinerary, a checklist of all the wildlife that you may see and also trip notes from a previous tour so that you know what to expect. All contact with them has been replied to promptly. Naturetrek have a large portfolio of trips, it's difficult to decide where to next. Their group sizes are small so everyone gets to see the wildlife and individual needs and requests are more easily met. Highly recommended.