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We achieved exactly what we wanted to.

By Brian on 22 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We wanted to see different aspects of Sri Lanka, but not be constantly on the move. They provided this, and we got to know the places we stayed in. These were very well selected to meet our requirements. The drivers we had gave us confidence that they could cope with the challenging driving conditions; they knew the country well and provided us with lots of useful and interesting information.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Experience Travel listened carefully to what it was we wanted, and designed an itinerary that matched it. The hotels they selected were superb. And they were always available, in the UK and in Sri Lanka, to help with queries or problems.

Myanmar Odyssey

By Christoff..... on 16 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

A fantastic 2 week trip to various locations in Myanmar. Tasty street food in Yangon with river shrimp to die for. Balloon ride over Bagan at dawn is so iconic. Cruising on the Irrawady is a great way to relax and meet some locals at the villages. Lake Inle was as good as it gets in SE asia. Hsipaw was stunning for being off the beaten track and meeting local Shan villagers. Mandalay was a great way to finish up. I have wanted to visit Myanamar for many years and this holiday made it all happen in a perfect way. A dream come true.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Experience Travel are people I have travelled with over the years and they continue to put together fantastic itineraries. it always hits the spot for wildlife, culture, relaxing, food, and quality accommodation.
The service is friendly and responses are quick for all questions and queries.
I tend to come up with the bare bones for a trip and they put all the meat on the bones to make it work. and work it does, time and time again.

Smooth and according to our wishes

By betta on 15 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We were a big family group (15 members from grand parents to one year old baby! % of us had to go back to Europe on Jan 2nd). We arrived in Saigon after a 8 days cruise on the Jahan (previously booked through an other agency)... It was hard to match the perfection of our trip so far, but Experience Travel managed to make us really enjoy also the second half of our tour.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

very nice and attentive and, most importantly, flexible and ready to change plans and act accordingly to some last minute changes.

three weeks in India with parts specially tailored towards dark tourism

By dwp-traveller on 10 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

All the standard parts of the trip were superb, logistically as well as with regard to the quality of accommodation, transfers, guides, food, friendliness, and activities like wildlife watching or cookery classes/street food tours. Only when it got a bit specific with our demands for specially tailored dark-tourism components (e.g. in Bhopal), were there a few minor deficiencies, things where we had hoped for a bit more or where planning had clearly been less than perfect (closing times of museums not taken into account, for instance). Overall, though, it was an exceptional and thrilling experience.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

I had used Experience Travel Group (ETG) three times before so I already knew their overall excellence, and this trip confirmed it yet again. Whatever may have been not quite perfect on this trip was not down to ETG but to the local suppliers/guides, and none of this was any major issue anyway.

I especially appreciate the level of personal service I've always got from ETG for tailored trips, with a dedicated consultant always responsive to questions and special requests. It is this that I think sets them apart from their competitors the most. I couldn't commend them highly enough!

An informative, active and fun family tour holiday in Sri Lanka

By Fran Mack on 31 Dec 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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I wanted to mark my eldest sons 21st birthday and my twins 18th birthday, so the holiday had to appeal to all of us in terms of interesting activities, and sight seeing. I also wanted a holiday that all of us would enjoy and remember. Our tour of Sri Lanka did this in spades. There was an action packed itinerary for all of us to enjoy, the scenery was breath taking and the people very friendly. A beautiful place that we will remember all our lives.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Becky had alot of knowledge of Sri Lanka and advised me what options were available to book and the logistics. I am very happy with her work in booking our holiday for us

Colonial and cricket in India

By Cricket crazy on 25 Dec 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Good tour of colonial India. Lucknow, British Residency, Indian Mutiny. Colonial Calcutta. Excellent guides in Lucknow and Calcutta. Also went to watch cricket in Chennai.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Well organized.

Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos

By The three explorers. on 20 Dec 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We went for almost 3 weeks starting in the peaceful, gentle country of Laos before moving on to the city of Hanoi and then travelling down through Viietnam to Ho Chi Minh Cuty. We experienced a night in a beautifully appointed Indochina Junk in Halong Bay where we swam from the side as well as exploring nearby island caves and kayaking around the islands. We visited the ancient Imperial City in Hue and explored the beautiful heritage town of Hoi An. Exploring markets and taking a cookery class were highlights but probably the most exciting and nerve wracking was crossing the roads on our own. So many motor cycles and so few junctions and traffic lights!
We had guides organised to meet us at each new location to show us the sights and in Saigon (as it is called locally) to even take us to a rooftop cocktail bar. We completed our holiday in the beautiful country of Cambodia. We stayed in a beautiful old French colonial style hotel in Siem Reap which was our base for visiting some of the numerous temples, including the amazing Angkor Wat at daybreak.
We trekked through paddy field in Laos, visited a floating village by boat on the Mekong in Cambodia and sailed in a coracle trying to catch crabs in Vietnam. A totally wonderful experience all round.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Experience Travel arranged our holiday from start to finish. They took on board everything we said about what we wanted to do and see and came up with lovely suggestions of things we would never have thought of or known we could do. We worked through a number of iterations before we had our perfect itinerary and they chose all our hotels. These were all to a high standard and yet seemed uniquely right for the places we were in.

Amazing Cambodia and Vietnam tour with Experience Travel Group.

By Easyrider on 15 Dec 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Although we selected the tour that had been recommended in the travel article in the Sunday Telegraph, Lauren (Boyd) was happy to spend time and effort in customising this to our requirements. The result was an amazing trip from Siem Reap, Cambodia and through the length of Vietnam. All the hotels were of a very high standard and we had a personal guide and driver at each location. All spoke good English and had local knowledge. They were unfailingly on time and the cars were air-conditioned and always clean. Our guides were always friendly, flexible and their local knowledge ensured we avoided queues and crowds as much as possible. The included tours offered opportunities to associate with local people, all of whom were friendly and keen to practise their English! Tour highlights (and I stress that none disappointed) were the night-time Vespa street food tour in Saigon (both insane and exhilarating and a long time since we had so much fun) and our street food tour in Hanoi (with Mark). Despite what they have suffered in the past the Cambodian and Vietnamese people could not have been more friendly and were themselves a highlight. Get there before everybody else finds out about the place. Use Experience Travel Group. Thanks again Lauren..........

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Experience Travel Group and Lauren put together a wonderful package that exceeded our expectations. As older travellers we wanted the best of all worlds, luxury accommodation and personal guides but access to the real Cambodia and Vietnam and amazing experiences. Thanks to ETG we had it all.

Fantastic Holiday in Vietnam

By Deborah Geneva on 1 Dec 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We saw nearly all of Vietnam from top to bottom in a 2 week tour devised specially for us. We went to the less crowded areas and saw a great variety of sights from ancient temples and monuments; vibrant cities; bustling small towns; fabulous mountain and countryside scenery; luxury cruise on Halong bay; beautiful beaches and an eco-adventure in the Mekong Delta where we got up close and personal to local life. We travelled by car, in boats of all sizes and types and even by bike.

The small, friendly hotels chosen for us by our operator were excellent and close to the sights. The tours were well organised and usually just for the 2 of us. This meant that we saved time by not having to wait for others and so we were able to see more. Many of the tours were adjusted en route to suit us. Our guides were mostly excellent.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

James from Experience Travel talked to us in detail about our interests and wishes, before proposing a holiday designed especially for us (a retired couple). The holiday was truly 'made to measure' and suited us perfectly. Having a personal consultant made a big difference.

The arrangements made by Experience Travel were all efficient and well organised. They gave us a lot of information in advance, which was very helpful as we had not been to Vietnam before.

Not Just a Holiday, an Experience!

By Alice Springs on 30 Nov 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We had only two weeks to spend in India, however with the assistance of Experience Travel group we had a full iitinary which gave us the opportunity to see and experience a lot more than we thought possible and this included some much needed rest and relaxation too. The first week was spent in beautiful Kerala where we chilled out at a gorgeous beach resort and gently getting into the swing of different culture, landscape, climate and food as well as venturing out on bikes to explore surrounding villages.although difficult to tear our selves away from the beach it was well worth it . The Backwaters are a must and we did an overnight cries on a rice barge boat which was the ideal way to observe life on the riverbanks as well as to carry on relaxing and being well looked after by the crew.Anither highlight was watching the rice harvest in the paddy fields and certainly will make us appreciate rice on our plates more from now on.Exploring Kochi was exciting, with tuk tuk rides in Old Town down narrow streets full of target stalls and traders, plus the odd goat or cow. A sunset cruise across the harbour was unforgettable with the old Chinese fishing nets and fishermen pulling in their conventional nets while singing a Malayalam shanty,
For the second week we flew to Rajastan so that we could explore the Golden Triangle sights.As in Kerala the excellent guides and tours had been pre booked, this plus the airport pick- ups and having a driver dedicated to us made both parts of the holiday run smoothly and were stress free.. Taking an early morning cycle tour was exciting and a great way to see the Pink City waking up, we were taken to stalls for snacks, lassi and chai-yum!However the climax was witnessing a puja at the big Indian Temple .A train journey seemed like something you have just got to do in India ( we were not disappointed) so this is how we arrived at Agra. The Taj Mahal is of course unforgettable in its perfection as was the final part of our tour in Delhi. We got around by car, tuk tuk and rickshaw, depending on where we were going. The sights of New Delhi included Ghandi's house which was both humbling and inciteful. In old Delhi we were privileged to meet street children helped and rehabilitated by an NGO Trust which gave us a different kind of insight into life in the city. As well as visiting mosques and temples and other monuments , our final night in India was spent weaving through the maze of bustling lanes in Old Delhi , our senses were truly bombarded , everywhere we went in India we were especially taken by the wonderful colours of flower markets, women's saris , stalls with food beautifully laid out and piles of spices.
This was more than a holiday, it was an amazing experience in so many ways.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Our operator was Experience Group Travel. We asked them to arrange a 2 week itinary for us at short notice which they did very efficiently. I was impressed that they took care to find out not only where we wanted to go, but also about our preferences of activity and accomodation . All emails gave full and clear instructions and we appreciated dealing with the same representative throughout who had good knowledge of India The General Information sheet about India contained helpful information
Regarding accomodation, we stayed in both hotels and home stays . We had requested to stay in accomodation with local character and all the accomodation ( except ion Agra which was part of a large chain but perfectly ok) surpassed our expectations by a long way.Experience certainly selected well on our behalf.
We felt safe at all times as we had been allocated drivers, guides and transfer pickup/ collections had been arranged for airports and train stations. It was great having everything pre booked (especially guides and tours)and paid for to make for a stress free time, also there was trouble with the currency when we were there, so had we not prepaid we would have been a bit stuck.
The guides and drivers we had were all excellent.