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Sri Lankan Sun , Sea, Parks and Temples- Excellent

By rogerr on 12 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Our holiday was excellent. Sri Lanka Airline looked after us very well and we were met on arrival by a Red Dot Tours rep who showed us to our vehicle and introduced us to our chauffeur/guide Wipul. He turned out to be very knowledgeable on all aspects of Sri Lanka and a good driver. The vehicle was spotless every morning. All of the hotels were very good indeed with a good choice of food. Lots of curry but we did decline it for breakfast! The temples were fascinating and the national parks very interesting although the density of the vegetation does mean that sightings of both birds and mammals are quite difficult. Over 100 species of birds were seen, however, as well as leopards and crocodiles. Millions of white butterflies wafted around us in the parks. Galle was very colonial inside the fort but rather more touristy than I think we had expected.
A great holiday with lovely memories.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Our tour was booked through East Travel in Ipswich but operated by Red Dot Tours. We could not fault either company. Any queries before we left were promptly and accurately dealt with and we were well looked after as soon as we arrived. The vehicle was an almost new 9 seater mini bus which was just for us. The driver was very punctual, helpful and considerate and told us as much as he could about the country he is clearly very proud of. We had no problems at any of the hotels or venues which we visited.

Travelling in Myanmar

By BevLM on 12 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Fabulous holiday organised beautifully by Eastravel. 2 weeks travelling around by air, hot air balloon, A/C mini buses, bicycles, e-bikes, trekking with very friendly informative and knowledgeable guides seeing and experiencing so much around Myanmar. All plans suggested, advised and discussed before finalising an itinerary.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Eastravel advised, suggested, talked through and put together an itinerary specifically for our party (6 friends) until we were all happy with it. As we went through the process they were happy to change things for different interests or budgets. Helpful, friendly and efficient.

Fascinating and beautiful country with lovely people

By Mrs A B 18 on 8 Mar 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We went to Myanmar and had a full tour organised - Yangon, Mandalay, Began. Inle lake , trecking, Nagpali

Rating for tour operator Excellent

We had a very good trip organised by East Travel who used Tour Mandalay in Myanmar. It was a beautifully organised and fascinating trip

A taste of Thailand

By NormandTez on 27 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We had a good idea of where we wanted to go and when and East Travel organised it all for us. We saw three area's of Thailand which we loved, all transfers were done efficiently and on time, we cannot fault the service we received, and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

They were helpful, organised everything for us without being too pushy, everything was very well organised with no hiccups, all went very smoothly.

Group photography tour of S.E.Asia

By Photosnapper on 24 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

It was a great success and everything worked perfectly - save for one or two hiccups which were easily rectified locally. However one thing I would say is that things are changing rapidly in all countries with a marked increase in tourism, organisation and infrastructure, such that some of the more “off the beaten track” areas we hoped we would find are now hard to come by. In our view we travelled to these countries not a moment too soon!

We were all impressed with ICS and the flawless way this complicated itinerary was executed. The guides were all excellent and very quickly adapted to the individual requirements for our photography. Flexibility was the key word as on some occasions the guides local knowledge made for re-adjusting the itinerary to all our benefit.

I should also mention the standard of hotels and accommodation, which were all excellent. Obviously the ones in N. Laos were a little more basic, which of course we knew before hand, but their eco-locations more than made up for any slight lowering of standards. That also applied to the other hotels which couldn’t have been in better locations for our purposes.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Always on hand for advice. Efficient, friendly, communicative and listen to individuals needs Travelled with them many times now and have never been disappointed on either quality or value for money


By bert on 23 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent


Rating for tour operator Excellent

Every thing ran very smoothly and on time

Wonderful experience in Myanmar

By Cruglas on 22 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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My husband and I have just returned from 14days in Myanmar which was organised by Dorothy at Eastravel.

We enjoyed a multi centre holiday, using four different guides and very able drivers.

Although my husband had been to Asia many years ago, it was my first time. We elected to use Eastravel after recommendation from several sources. I am so glad we did as everything they organised went really well. We have so many happy memories, from the fantastic Bagan temples, washing elephants, a balloon flight over Inle Lake to the hustle and bustle of Manderlay and Yangon and much more....

Would really recommend Myanmar as a destination.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Nothing was too much trouble, we had some suggestions of what we wanted to see and Eastravel gave us more ideas of must sees!

We have no hesitation in recommending them as a tour operator. They give the personal touch!

Messing about on the river.....

By The Horse on 21 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Our recent trip to India was fantastic.

We had wanted to return to India for some time and visit Kerala but had never quite got around to it and other places had taking precedent.

Kerala was an absolute joy and the houseboat was superb. We did not want to leave but I fear we would have had to be craned off the boat given the amount of wonderful food they prepared for us each day. Have wanted to do a houseboat in Kerala for years we were slightly apprehensive that we would be disappointed at the reality of the experience. Far from that it exceeded all expectations.

Pondicherry was lovely as well and the Hotel L'Orient was charming and the staff so friendly and enthusiastic. Fetched us beer at any hour and I have to say we were very impressed with Indian Chenin Blanc wine – not bad at all.

Chennai is a bit of a challenge! Our driver was a star and showed us around the city so well and in safety – quite how he kept that car without a bump or scratch is beyond me.

Lovely meal at the Up North restaurant and despite it being on the roof on the 12th floor you could still hear the cacophony of vehicle horns coming up from the streets below! It made the traffic in Bangkok and Phuket seem quite orderly and normal – and that is saying something. But a wonderful experience before flying over to Bangkok and onto Phuket for some rest and recreation.

Another wonderful holiday and memories expertly created by EASTRAVEL. Well done!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Have used EASTRAVEL for almost every trip to the Middle East and South East Asia and Japan since 1989. Have recommended them to my family and friends without hesitation.

They know what we like and want and they deliver it everytime where ever we end up heading: Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Oman, India, Taiwan, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Laos.

From 'idiot' cards in Taiwan to help us get on the right train to Alishan to witness the Sea of Clouds in 1991 to getting us into the 1st class soft sleeper cabin on the Shanghai to Hong Kong train on our 25th wedding anniversary a year or so ago, nothing has been too much trouble.

everything went according to plan. Been to the hotel previously and it was what we expected

By Terry on 21 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent

3 weeks on a Carribean Island in the middle of an English winter is something difficult to beat.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

We have used East Travel for a number of years and they continue to give us great service.

Pete and Morag's Oman Trip 2018

By Pete and Morag on 20 Feb 2018

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We were met at the airport and transferred to our hotel in Muscat, the driver waiting patiently whilst we got through customs and immigration. Our hire car arrived on time the following day and was handed over with the minimum of fuss. After that, we did a bit of driving!
Day 2, the first day with the car was spent exploring the Muscat/Muttrah capital area and the rocky coastline to the SE.
Day 3 saw us heading SE towards Sur and then on to Ras al Hadd and the Turtle Sanctuary at Ras al Jinz. You need to book your own visit to the latter - cost RO7 each. Well worth it to see the egg-laying Green Turtles at night.
Day 4 was a drive to the pools/falajs of Wadi bani Khalid in the mountains and then on to Bidiyyah before heading into the Wahiba Sands for an overnight at a Bedu Camp, albeit the 4-star version of it! I had looked at Satellite images to supplement the A4 map supplied and was pretty certain I could have got to the camp unaided. However, we met a couple of locals at the petrol station we stopped at before going off-road who offered to guide us out there for a fee (RO25). With hindsight, this was probably a good move since they knew the way and we could travel swiftly and in the knowledge that there was ready help available should there have been an upset. There wasn't. Once Morag got used to the car sliding across the sand (bit like driving on ice) we had a fun time. Bogged down in the sand going up a dune on one occasion but freed ourselves by engaging 4WD. Climbed huge sand dunes to see the sunset, excellent accommodation and evening meal and listened to the Bedu music group in the restaurant.
Day 5, drove the 40km back to the main road in the company of another self-drive party - safety first again, then to Nizwa stopping at Izki to see the (totally deserted) Al Nizar Fort.
Day 6, exploring the Souks of Nizwa (there was only one in 1984), the Fort and were invited home by an Omani gentleman in one of the shops to his home to "meet the family". I had learnt a little Arabic whilst there last time - that little led to a totally unexpected adventure. More of a compound than a house and with Mum, Dad, 8 brothers, 4 daughters, several daughters-in-law and more small children than could be counted, we enjoyed traditional Omani hospitality. Dates, Cardomom Coffee, lunch (we were only supposed to drop in for a half-hour!), tea and fruit. We left later wondering if it had happened and weighed down with kilos of dates and bananas.
Day 7, left Nizwa, drove to Bahla to see the fort, then al Hamra and thence via Wadi Ghul up into the mountains to stay at an "Eco-Resort" in the Jebel Shams adjacent to the Oman Grand Canyon, about 5000 feet up. We've seen the US version, the Omani one is as spectacular and less-distant.
Day 8, Drove from Jebel Shams back to Al Hamra then back up the mountain to Sharafat al Alamayn at 6500 feet. Spectacular views of the Jebel. This is also where the tarmac runs out and we were to descend about 3500 feet in 7 miles before we got to the first flat bit in Wadi bani Awf. The drive of my life. Steep descent, hairpin bends, single track in places and near-vertical drops for a good portion of the way. Oh, and there is traffic coming up as well. Passed a couple of mountain villages and a green football pitch (I kid you not, en-route. Once back on tarmac we continued down the Wadi and then headed to the Fort at Nakhal before our final overnight in Muscat. Brilliant holiday but too short. Morag wants to go back and I saw more in those few days than I had in 3 years living out there.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

I had worked in Oman in the mid-1980s and had had a good time in the 3 years I spent out there. I broached the idea of taking Morag out there last year and having done some internet research of the various companies offering packages out there, decided upon Eastravel. The booking process was simple enough, we booked a self-drive tour and I found the exchanges I had via the phone and e-mail with Eastravel to be reassuringly personal - how many tour operators have YOU contacted where you have been able to speak to the same person each time who knows the details of the booking and of any changes which might be necessary. I would be more than happy to use Eastravel again in future.
The vouchers for accommodation and the 4x4 hire arrived in good time, as did paper copies of the directions from place to place. These were poor. This is not a criticism of Eastravel but Google Maps, though in fairness the Omani road network is evolving so quickly there ARE no totally up-to-date maps. Our way round this was to use the detailed regional maps in a guide book and by looking at satellite images available on the web.