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A Pantanal adventure

By AvJH on 4 Mar 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Having just left feedback for our last trip, I realised that I had omitted to do so for our trip to the Pantanal in Brazil last October. So better late than never, I aim to put that right now. We re-visited the Pantanal having enjoyed a previous trip so much. This time, with Eduardo as our guide, it was truly an adventure. His enthusiasm and excitement about all of the wildlife is so infectious. We had some fabulous sightings of jaguar, some totally exclusive to us. Eduardo is equally keen on all that the Pantanal has to offer & energetically pursues experiences for his guests to share. He & I had the most amazing encounter with a giant anteater with a baby on her back. His excitement for this was palpable & it greatly enhanced my experience. We also had some very special daytime tapir viewings and this is entirely due to his observations of their behaviour and the likely directions they may take. So for this and the giant anteater sighting, the viewing was extended by his ability to predict what might happen next.
Even staying at his lodge (JER) was a continuation of wildlife experiences as he actively seeks to find all the creatures that he can. Plus I found his lodge delightfully quirky & fun. Eduardo took great & very personal care of us & he was a joy to be with & very knowledgeable.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Allan & Kirsty Blanchard make Wildlife Trails perfect for our needs. They have got to know us over time and the experience of working in partnership with them to plan our trips means that our holidays come to life through the planning process. So by the time we set off we can feel confident that our trip will be exactly what we want. Thanks for doing such a grand job.

A feast of Tanzanian wildlife

By AvJH on 4 Mar 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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We have just returned from 2 weeks in Tanzania, visiting Selous, Mikumi, Ruaha, Morgoro & Saadani. Our experiences with Wildlife Trails are always positive & this trip was no exception. Despite the rains coming a little early in places we still had wonderful sightings, sometimes maybe because of the rain. For example, the day we left Mikumi we went for a short drive in the park to try to see the pride of lions we'd seen the day before with a kill & 3 small cubs. It had been raining most of the night & was still very damp. Not only did we see that pride again & another with bigger cubs, a lioness with a fresh wildebeest kill and another single lioness & all of them looked well fed. Our trip often dealt us pleasant surprises like in Saadani, the 50 - 60 strong elephant herd one afternoon , several large buffalo herds at various times and the leopard racing across the track in front of us on our last drive there.
All the places we stayed were delightful in there own different ways, with really nice staff and great food. The whole trip was a great success, thanks to our lovely driver/guide, Charles & Allan Blanchard's attention to detail in setting up the itinerary. Many thanks, Allan. From Avril & Brian

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Wildlife Trails understands our needs & desires and always delivers exactly what we ask for. The personal service we have from Allan & Kirsty Blanchard, wherever we go, helps us feel that we are dealing with friends who really care that we have a great time.

Fanastic Trip

By Tiger Lady on 22 Nov 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Allan Blanchard from Wildlife Trails organised a holiday for myself and a friend
to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada to see Polars Bears.
All the flights connections were spot on, arrived at Winnipeg as per itinerary,
had a night in the hotel there, all good, got to the railway station in good time
to get the 2day trip to Churchill. The train was very comfortable, food fairly
good, enjoyed the experience very much. Got a taxi to the blue sky B&B, where
we had 7 nights, had been there before 3yrs ago, everything was excellent, food
and accomodation very high standard, and Jennifor and Gerald really looked after
us very well.
Had 2 great day trips on the Tundra Buggy, where we saw 45 bears, mum and cubs,
bears play fighting, some up really close to the buggy.
Had a good tour with North star, managed to see polar bears up very close to the bus, and we also had 2 and half days with Nature 1st, who took us all around the
churchill area to try and spot bears which we were very successful with about
8 bears in total. People/drivers all excellent, very knowledgeable, and we had
a great time with all the people involved in our holiday. Everything went very
well, Wildlife trails did a fanastic holiday for us, and we were lucky to see a
total of 62 bears, including a bear lift from the polar bear jail of a mum and
2yrs old cub. it was great. thank you to all concerned for giving me and my
friend such a fanastic time.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Have been with Allan and Kirsty Blanchard for many years, as they do all my
wildlife holidays of which there as been many. Every time it is always great,
arrangements as they should be, people who should be meeting me are always there
so although I travel alone quite a bit, I feel very safe with Allan and Wildlife
Trails organising the trip as things are all in place and I have no need to
worry about anything
First Class Tour Operator.

A great wildlife trip where I saw everything I hoped for.

By Fred on 20 Oct 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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On a safari trip I go with hopes and expectations, in this case they were exceeded which was a first. The vehicles used were modern and most importantly not crowded. The trip was a photographic safari and our hosts turned out to be expert wildlife photographers and I learnt a lot from them. The other part was fulfilled by our two local guides who had exemplary, knowledge and had the happy knack of putting us in the right place at the right time.

This was a wild camping trip and the facilities again exceeded my expectations. The itinerary worked very well and enabled us to make the most of our time in Botswana.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Wildlife trails created the environment that made the trip so good, I learned a lot about photography and the wildlife I went to see. For me the highest praise is that I was a returning customer and have already booked my next trip and that they are good value for money.

Uganda/Rwanda wildlife experience

By Sheila on 16 Oct 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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A totally stunning holiday with an excellent driver/guide who had brilliant wildlife and local knowledge, excellent driving skills, great attention to detail and a good sense of humour. The closeness to and variety of wildlife seen was exceptional and well beyond any expectations and we have been on many many wildlife holidays. The local people were lovely and the food was worthy of michelin stars.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

A very well planned itinerary ensuring we had enough time at each destination. Everything I asked for was included and all the lodges were at exactly the level requested. The local operator was also excellent and we could not have wished for better service.

Bear and whale watching in British Columbia

By Patrick on 16 Oct 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Fantastic bear and whale watching experience in the Great Best Rainforest and on Vancouver Island. Different locations, tour operators and accommodation types, all of them great in their own right, the most impressive being the "Great Bear Chalet" in the BellaCoola valley. We saw plenty of grizzly and black bears, orcas and humpback whales. Photos at


Rating for tour operator Excellent

Very pleasant experience, Allan did everything possible to make this combination of different tour components fit our limited timeframe - and our bucket of extra wishes! Very much looking forward to planning the next trip with "Wildlife Trails"

An excellent wildlife holiday

By Scott on 23 Sep 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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To Brazil to see wildlife of Pantanal and Amazonia

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Wildlife Trails All arrangements worked very well

Awesome Polar Bear-centric cruise!

By Hop Priest on 20 Aug 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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8 night Svalbard "Polar Bear Special" cruise aboard Oceanwide Adventures' MV Plancius. Spectacularly successful holiday which took us above 81 degrees N into the pack ice, as well as around Spitsbergen. So many highlights - 22 (twenty two) Polar Bears, Bowhead Whale, Blue Whales (breaching!), Beluga, Arctic Fox, Ivory Gulls, glaciers, seabird cliffs and much more. MV Plancius is very comfortable, great colleagues to share the trip with from around the world, resident guides largely excellent.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

The holiday was booked at the last minute and Wildlife Trails again pulled out the stops to find flights that worked, to get me to and from Longyearbyen. I'd have no hesitation in using Wildlife Trails again. Top service.


By Greg on 25 Jun 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Nothing was left to chance. All arrangements went like clockwork and with great people to deal with. Accommodation was great throughout and the safaris in central India were unbelievable with lots of great wild life sightings especially the majestic Tiger. I got 15 sightings due to great guides knowing their business.
The arranging of the tour was done brilliantly and with so much patience as I thought I was being so fussy. Allan and Kirsty were great to deal with.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

All guides were professional and helpful. No language problems.

More stunning wildlife encounters

By AvJH on 2 May 2016

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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Recently returned from a trip to Sri Lanka & India. As always, our jointly planned adventures with Wildlife Trails produced another raft of good memories to enjoy. Whilst we have been to both countries several times, all wildlife trips are uniquely unpredictable & different. It was our first time visiting Wilpatu NP in NW Sri Lanka and would recommend it. It is beautiful forest with plenty of lakes, so very picturesque. Great sightings of leopard, sloth bear, many prey animals & fabulous birds. We were also able to enjoy the company of our regular driver (who has become a good friend), thanks to the efforts of Wildlife Trails. In India we revisited Kanha NP & were rewarded with fantastic tiger sightings; the stuff of dreams. We never tire of these two amazing countries.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

It is always a pleasure to plan & fulfil our travel arrangements with Wildlife Trails. Satisfaction guaranteed for us through our shared wildlife interests, understanding of our preferences, incredible attention to detail & feeling like we are discussing it with friends rather that a travel company, making hopes become reality.