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Holidays to Suluwesi, Indonesia

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Sulawesi and North Maluku; islands of Indonesia in which unique traditions are still alive and well, where wildlife is abundant both on and offshore and landscapes are luscious and untouched.

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Sulawesi is a delightful potpourri of people and cultures and is probably one of the most interesting regions of Indonesia. In the south are the seafaring races of the Bugis and Makassarese, in the north are the friendly folk of the Manado-Minahasa area, and in the central highlands are the Toraja people with their fascinating funeral rites.

  • Holiday duration: 6 days
  • Price from: £1,150
  • Operator: Eastravel
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Indonesia is so vast that, in a short holiday, it’s nigh on impossible to sense how truly diverse the country is. However, this itinerary combines two very different parts of the archipelago, and you’ll get a feel for the contrasts of scenery, culture and religion between the islands.

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