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Lake Khuvsgul Dog Sled Adventure

Lake Khuvsgul Dog Sled Adventure

Lake Khuvsgul Dog Sled Adventure Overview

An exceptional winter journey across the blue ice of Lake Khuvsgul by dog sled. Part of the Pioneer Collection.

In Mongolia, winter is relentless. By March Lake Khuvsgul, its largest and deepest lake, is completely enclosed by ice and its frozen surface becomes thick enough to be crossed by dog sled. On this 15 day adventure you will drive your own sled, and take care of your own team of 5-6 Alaskan huskies and Greenland Dogs, as we make a complete circuit of the lake known as ‘the blue pearl of Mongolia’. The ice at Khuvsgul is incredibly pure, almost transparent, appearing blue in colour at the lake's edge, green where the sandy bottom is visible, and jet black at its deepest. During our 9 days on the lake, we’ll camp on the lake-shore, catch our own fish for dinner, and stay in traditional gers (yurts) experiencing Mongolian nomadic culture and hospitality. Around the lake local traditions are still maintained. Several ethnic groups live here, the best known of which are the Durkha, the Buriat, and the Darkhad people who are better-known as Tsaatan or reindeer herders. Throughout our expedition we will be at the mercy of the whims of the lake, the shifting ice, the winds and the dogs; making each circuit of the frozen lake a totally unique adventure.  
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