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Mountain Trails of Lebanon

Mountain Trails of Lebanon

Mountain Trails of Lebanon Overview

Walk along the Lebanon Mountain Trail, visit majestic ancient ruins and experience the best of Lebanese hospitality and cuisine.

This one week walking holiday follows some of the best sections of the Lebanon Mountain Trail, a 470km path that links an intricate web of ancient, interconnected tracks and footpaths. A feast for the senses, Lebanon's tiny size belies the wealth of adventure and experiences it has to offer. This is a place where East meets West and where modernity and antiquity converge; ancient cities, several thousand years old, neighbour vibrant, pulsating metropolises. The majority of its people live along the narrow strip of Mediterranean coast, whilst its inner is dominated by vineyards and massive mountain ranges, running the length of the country.  Our route winds its way through a number of national reserves and biospheres which protect an impressive array of flora and fauna including jackals, hyenas and wolves. A deviation is made to climb to the highest point in Lebanon at 3088m, before returning to the trail to discover the early Maronite troglodyte monasteries in the Qadisha Valley. Along the way, there is time to explore the incredibly well-preserved Roman ruins at Tyre and the Crusader sea castle at Sidon and to immerse in the region's fascinating ancient history.  Lebanon is also highly regarded for its delicious food, influenced by Turkish, Arab and Mediterranean cuisine, and there will be ample opportunity to sample the numerous specialities of the Levant and perhaps one of the remarkable wines produced in Lebanon, a result of 5000 years of viticulture.
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