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Dana Trek to Petra

Dana Trek to Petra

Dana Trek to Petra Overview

Explore Petra, entering by the lesser visited 'backdoor'. Begin your trek at Dana Nature Reserve one of Jordan’s must see natural sights. An excellent trek route that avoids very long days and give the best paced itinerary possible. Enjoy a first rate camping experience on trek.

From the capital city of Amman, we head south to one of Jordan’s best kept secrets – the beautiful Dana Nature Reserve. As we trek to the desert sands of Wadi Araba, we’ll see evidence of past Nabatean settlements as well as the tented homes still favoured by many Bedouin. We leave the desert to climb through rugged mountains, first reaching the ancient trading stop at Little Petra and then, finally, the ancient city of Petra itself. Here we’ll explore the many rock hewn temples and dwellings, see famous monuments such as ‘The Monastery’ and the stunning façade of ‘The Treasury’.

This trek has been designed to avoid long trekking days sometimes offered by alternative companies. All times shown in the itinerary include lunch and rest stops.

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