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Odisha Overview

• Explore the tribal heritage of the Indian state of Odisha • Discover craft villages including Dandasahi, to see Pattachitra painting, and the weaving village of Nuapatna • Watch the sunset rituals performed by the monks at the Joranda monastery

One of India’s most distinctive regions, Odisha (Orissa) stretches along the Bay of Bengal and the flanking hill country. Enriched by ambitious medieval kings but then neglected by both Mogul and British conquerors, it remains a byword for traditional oratory and poetry, dance, crafts, rites and religious architecture. Less widely appreciated is that much of this heritage draws on tribal roots of the deepest antiquity.

This tour will be led by Annie Owen, BA, a photographer, illustrator and printmaker with a passion for the Indian subcontinent where she has travelled regularly and extensively, and where she has led many tours. Annie is a trustee of the Kariandusi School Trust, a small but active charity which builds primary schools in rural Kenya.

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