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Holidays to Argentina

Some say that Argentina is “all continents in one”, a statement hard to argue with. The variety of landscapes is, indeed, staggering: subtropical rainforest in the north, sky-hugging Andean peaks along its backbone, windswept desert plains in Patagonia plus polar glaciers in its southern tip. Finally, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Buenos Aires with its passionate tango scene can claim to be the doorway to South America.

I’ve criss-crossed Argentina twice but I never tire of Patagonia. The coast brims with life: there are penguin and sealion colonies, dolphins, whale breeding grounds. The interior may be a dry, interminable desert, but it’s not featureless. Canyons suddenly appear by the highway; startled guanacos and rheas run away; multicoloured outcrops pop up every now and again. Plus there is nothing more spectacular than driving up to the Andes, with the vegetation changing at every corner, from low pampas grass to soaring Southern beeches.

32 great holidays to Argentina
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Experience the best of Antarctica on this complete tour

Price from £10,199 Holiday duration: 22 days
Find out more about this holiday
Spirit of Shackleton

Experience the ultimate adventure of a lifetime as you sail the icy waters of the Antarctic aboard the M/S Expedition cruise ship.

Price from £7,795 Holiday duration: 20 days
Find out more about this holiday
Quest for the Antarctic Circle

A true expedition by nature of its long duration and some of the remote places we visit. You must expect a degree of hardship, some long drives on rough roads, camping and cooking in extremes of climate...but in the process you will discover the real S

Price from £6,550 Holiday duration: 31 days
Find out more about this holiday
Operator: Oasis Overland
EXPLORATORY Trans South America

A cross-continent adventure with alpine and Andean scenery, tropical beaches, cosmopolitan cities, magnificent waterfalls and colonial and Inca heritage.

Price from £5,402 Holiday duration: 24 days
Find out more about this holiday
Operator: Veloso Tours
South America Cross-Continent

Tuck in to a holiday of world-class wines, beautiful scenery, exciting cities and romantic traditions

Price from £4,695 Holiday duration: 16 days
Find out more about this holiday
Operator: Geodyssey
Traditions, Food and Wine

Travel with our small group to discover the northwest of Argentina and Chile and to the little explored Puna desert region. Rainbow coloured mountains, towering candelabra cacti, picturesque villages, age-old traditions and indigenous cultures are waiting to be discovered.

Price from £3,199 Holiday duration: 13 days
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Puna & Atacama Experience

This brief itinerary, not only incorporates Buenos Aires, Argentina’s European inspired capital city but two of the continents greatest sights: - the Perito Moreno Glacier, close to Calafate in Patagonia, and the wondrous Iguazu Falls, in the north-east of the country on the border with Brazil.

Price from £2,995 Holiday duration: 10 days
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Operator: Sunvil
Argentina's Massive Highlights

This 14 day holiday combines the Chilean capital, Santiago; the wilderness of Patagonia and the breathtaking Perito Moreno glacier; the fantastic Torres del Paine; and the sophistication and culture of Buenos Aires.

Price from £2,499 Holiday duration: 14 days
Find out more about this holiday
Operator: Llama Travel
Best of Chile & Argentina

Set your senses alive on this whirlwind tour of Argentina and Brazil, travelling from Buenos Aires to Rio de Janeiro. Explore two of South America's most captivating cities and marvel at the spectacular Igauzu Falls in 6 days. Giving you time to extend your stay to lounge on Rio's sun-soaked beaches after the tour has ended.

Price from £1,335 Holiday duration: 6 days
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Operator: On the Go Tours
Buenos Aires to Rio Express

From the Amazon Jungle to dancing the tango, this trip has it all.

Price from £1,995 Holiday duration: 71 days
Find out more about this holiday
Operator: Oasis Overland
Buenos Aires to Lima via Rio