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Some say that Argentina is “all continents in one”, a statement hard to argue with. The variety of landscapes is, indeed, staggering: subtropical rainforest in the north, sky-hugging Andean peaks along its backbone, windswept desert plains in Patagonia plus polar glaciers in its southern tip. Finally, the cosmopolitan metropolis of Buenos Aires with its passionate tango scene can claim to be the doorway to South America.

I’ve criss-crossed Argentina twice but I never tire of Patagonia. The coast brims with life: there are penguin and sealion colonies, dolphins, whale breeding grounds. The interior may be a dry, interminable desert, but it’s not featureless. Canyons suddenly appear by the highway; startled guanacos and rheas run away; multicoloured outcrops pop up every now and again. Plus there is nothing more spectacular than driving up to the Andes, with the vegetation changing at every corner, from low pampas grass to soaring Southern beeches.

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Altiplano & Gaucho Explorer from Dragoman is an exhilarating holiday in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile. Available from 14 Feb 2020 to 29 May 2022 this 21 day trip costs from £1,100 and has a maximum group size of 22 persons.

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Exclusive 20 day Antarctic Cruise to view the total solar eclipse, also visiting Falklands, South Georgia & the Antarctic Peninsula

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Ultimate South America Overland from Dragoman is an exhilarating holiday in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana, Guyana, Peru, Suriname. Available from 6 Oct 2020 to 27 Apr 2022 this 191 day trip costs from £10,940 and has a maximum group size of 22 persons.

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Experience the ultimate adventure of a lifetime as you sail the icy waters of the Antarctic aboard the M/S Expedition cruise ship.

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Over 18 days, 16 Nov – 3 Dec 2020, we take in Patagonia’s vastness. On 10 days, we walk in national parks in Argentina and Chile. From Buenos Aires, we travel to the Nahuel Huapi NP and further south to the Los Glaciares NP. Crossing to Chile, we visit the Torres del Paine NP. Our last stop is Ushuaia in the Argentine Tierra del Fuego province.

  • Holiday duration: 18 days
  • Price from: £8,223
  • Operator: Kudu Travel
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The extraordinary history and legends of the southernmost region of the world, the last area of the New World to be colonised.

Visit Patagonia in the 500th anniversary of its discovery by Europeans.

Sublime landscapes, mountains and glaciers, lakes, coasts and seas.

Close encounters with penguins, sea lions and guanaco, native trees and shrubs.

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There’s times when it’s appropriate to dip a toe in, and there’s times when it’s best to simply dive in headfirst

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A true expedition by nature of its long duration and some of the remote places we visit. Expect a degree of hardship, some long drives on rough roads, camping and cooking in extremes of climate, but in the process you will discover the real South America and meet people you would never otherwise encounter.

  • Holiday duration: 105 days
  • Price from: £3,825
  • Operator: Oasis Overland
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Available from 02 October 2020 to 16 October 2020 this 14 day trip costs from £3560 and has a maximum group size of 12 persons.

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This 14 day holiday combines the Chilean capital, Santiago; the wilderness of Patagonia and the breathtaking Perito Moreno glacier; the fantastic Torres del Paine; and the sophistication and culture of Buenos Aires.

  • Holiday duration: 14 days
  • Price from: £2,799
  • Operator: Llama Travel
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