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Trek Vietnam

Trek Vietnam

Trek Vietnam Overview

Gain a rare and privileged insight into the little-known cultures of Vietnam. Enjoy the sweeping landscapes of lush jungle, waterfalls, and serene lakes.

This magnificent trek in northeast Vietnam offers the perfect combination of spectacular scenery and fascinating culture. Karst limestone and granite mountains rise dramatically from the remote, lush jungle, where waterfalls tumble into hidden steep-sided valleys and abundant nature reserves. From serene lakes and valleys cultivated with corn and rice, we traverse steep jungle-covered hills onto high ridges. The views over the towering limestone pillars are every bit as impressive as their more famous sea-based counterparts in Halong Bay. This trek promises spectacular off-the-beaten-trail trekking. Isolated villages of thatched, stilted houses dot the landscape, home to little-known ethnic groups. Staying overnight as guests of these traditional communities allows us a rare and privileged insight into their way of life.
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