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Undiscovered Destinations Sustainability

Undiscovered Destinations

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

It’s been said before, but for us responsible travel really is more than just a marketing catchphrase; to travel to remote and unusual destinations carries with it a responsibility that should not be ignored. We can’t claim to be ‘pioneers’ of responsible tourism, but we can promise you that it is something we take very seriously; it guides our philosophy and shapes our itineraries as well as the experiences we create for our groups.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Undiscovered Destinations

AITO Protect Pledge

Undiscovered Destinations is supporting Fonkoze, Haiti’s leading microfinance institution, to help empower Haitians—primarily women—to lift themselves and their families out of poverty. We aim to raise $1,500 during 2018 that will directly support their ‘Staircase Out of Poverty’ initiative, a comprehensive, four step approach uniquely designed to provide women with the resources and support needed to ascend from poverty. More information on the four steps is all available at

Undiscovered Destinations decided on this pledge because it aligns with our business values and Haiti is a country we have very close links with. By helping us to make this donation, our customers will be able to assist people like Saincia on their journey out of poverty. Read about Saincia climb up the staircase here

    Kalaw Elephant Project - Myanmar (Burma)

    Our local team is working together with two young tourism professionals originating from Kalaw. They decided to set up a project there that is focused on protecting nature, elephants and the traditions of local people.

    • The project includes creating a natural environment for Myanmar elephants and helping the local population to use education and micro finance to emerge from poverty.
    • It is not encouraged to ride the elephants.

    Karanambu Trust - Guyana

    In Guyana, we stay at Karanambu Ranch home of Diane McTurk, well known for her work in rehabilitating orphaned Giant River Otters to the wild.

    • Diane has started the Karanambu Trust in an attempt to create a private protected area at Karanambu. The primary purpose of the protected area will be the protection of the habitat for the otters and ensuring their survival.

    The Lone Buffalo Foundation - Laos

    This is a special project in Laos offering young people free English courses, taught by a native speaker.

    • Meeting foreigners (with different accents!) to practice English is a special event for students and helps to overcome their shyness of speaking in public. LBF encourages their students to continue to study for careers.