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Tribes Travel Sustainability

Tribes Travel

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

Tribes is a multi award-winning sustainable travel company, and we promise that by booking with us you will make a positive difference, especially since every booking with us backs The Tribes Foundation. And this does not mean that your trip costs you extra.
Here are some of the ways in which a Tribes holidays helps:
- The Tribes Foundation backs grassroots projects such as wildlife conservation and children's orphanages.
- We plant trees in Malawi, Zambia and Peru on your behalf.
- We eco-rate many of the properties we promote.
- We work with many community initiatives, which can give you unmissable experiences.
- We have compiled a guide to travelling sustainably.
- As well as working by our own environmental policies, we also connect with various charities , associations and authorities to keep as sustainable as possible.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Tribes Travel


Since the inception of Tribes Travel in January 1998, we always aimed to offer travellers authentic, high quality holidays, and to do it in a responsible and sensitive way in regards the earth’s natural and cultural assets. We were very proactive in telling people what we were doing, and we won many environmental and responsible tourism awards in the process.
Over the years Tribes has grown, and whilst our ethics have never changed, we didn't put as much effort into shouting about our core principles and beliefs, we concentrated on offering clients good, authentic holidays.
To remedy this we developed TRAVEL + PROTECT, an online booklet which shows you the way your holiday choices and actions while on holiday can help people, wildlife and habitats of this special and fragile planet that we inhabit.


• Promote sustainable tourism practices on our website and directly to clients.
• For every booking, trees are planted in deforested destinations at no cost to the client, whether we book their flights or not.
• Every donation to The Tribes Foundation, goes to grassroots projects such as wildlife protection, education, and provision of water for local people.
• On our website we flag properties and holidays that make a difference through staff welfare, community development, wildlife or environmental protection.
• We have our own office environmental policy, guide/porter policy, and a Tribes Code which we all adhere to.
• We spread the word via our newsletters, blogs and website, linking these to our TRAVEL + PROTECT page on the Tribes website.
• Articles on walking with lions, lion cub petting, visiting orphanages, elephant rides, plastics and pollution, responsible sea turtle viewing are included in TRAVEL + PROTECT
• We arm clients with the knowledge of how they can make a difference, just by where and when they travel.