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Helping rural families in India to be water self-sufficient

TransIndus is proud to partner “Water Harvest” ( a charity committed to providing safe, clean and sustainable water to remote villages of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Here, local communities face severe drought for most of the year, forcing women and children to walk great distances in a desperate search for water.

In 2018, TransIndus pledged £1500 for five water harvest systems to provide safe, clean, sustainable water for five families in the Barmer area of Rajasthan. We chose this pledge because we wanted to make a difference to the destination that has given the company and its guests so much. We also wanted to help protect its delicate rural community. The Water Harvest system provides a long term sustainable solution to the problem of drought in these areas and improves the livelihood of many families.

Sugni Devi and Khema Ram, an elderly couple, were among the first recipients of TransIndus 2018 project. They manage a small piece of agricultural land and some livestock. Sugni told our representative, before the installation of the water harvest system they bought two tankers of water per month at a cost of ₹1500 to ₹2000 each. They also collected rain water for drinking but that lasted only a few months and was not clean. Their new water harvesting system was installed just in time for the first rains in 2018 and has benefitted them in terms of clean water and lower outgoings.

In 2019, TransIndus will offer its clients an opportunity to visit some of Water Harvest projects to see the work undertaken for themselves. We have developed a group tour programme based on our Rajasthan Land of Kings tour departing 03 Nov 2019 which will yield another £4500 for a further 15 projects.

To find out more about our initiative, visit where you’ll also be able to make a donation.