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Kilimanjaro Northern Route Trave

Kilimanjaro Northern Route Trave

Kilimanjaro Northern Route Trave Overview

Summit Kilimanjaro (5895m) via the remote Northern Circuit, the route taken by the Comic Relief 2019 team

This is our ultimate Kilimanjaro itinerary. On this Northern Circuit Route we have 9 days on the mountain, maximising our acclimatisation and in turn summit success. This trail starts on the Lemosho Route in the west, briefly meets the Machame Route at Lava Towers before skirting around the back of the mountain with views of the Kenyan plains before coming around to where the Rongai Route summits from the famous Gilman’s Point, and then we descend along the Marangu Route. Much of our trek is along the lesser used paths contouring the northern flanks, so it is a more personal experience as we attempt to summit this mighty majestic mountain. Our porters and guides make the trip a delight as they assist you with their confidence, experience, smiles and singing to boost your spirits on the journey together to the summit of Africa. Standing on the summit is incredible – it’s worth the effort.
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