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Whales and Wines on Pico Island

Whales and Wines on Pico Island

Whales and Wines on Pico Island Overview

A holiday focused on the two main attractions on the Island of Pico in the Azores; wine and whales. There is a visit and tour of a protected UNESO World Heritage vineyard. Travel with the first company to offer whale watching trips in the Azores. This trip can be extended to a 10-night or 2-week duration.

We have put together this holiday specialising on two of the most popular things to do on just one of the nine Azores islands. There is plenty of free time to explore yourself but it includes a visit on the lava caves, a day with one of our resident guides at one of the island's vineyards, cultivated since the 15th century. A 3-hour whale watching trip to observe bottle nose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and sperm whales and if you lucky you may see migratory blue and fin whales. Also visits to whalers museums informs you of the history of the Azores.
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