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Celebrating Brazil's June Festvials

12 Jun 2017 - Brazil's June Festivals are currently taking place across the north of the country. They are the second biggest celebrations, behind only the carnival and can be enjoyed as part of a tour to Brazil.


Just three months have passed since Brazil took to the streets for the annual carnival, but its celebration time once again as the June Festivals start up across the north of the country. Second in size only to the world famous carnival, the festivals pay thanks to three saints for a bountiful harvest and in doing so shine a light on a very different side of Brazil, bringing rural country life to the cities of this largely under-explored yet culturally-rich region.

From exotic Salvador da Bahia, up the Atlantic coast and across the white sand dunes of the Lençóis Maranhenses National Park to the UNESCO world heritage city of São Luís, travellers can immerse themselves in the famous Brazilian party spirit. Traditional folk dances, rolling live music performances and spectacular decorations, costumes and fireworks create a family-friendly atmosphere and attract many thousands of visitors each day. Most cities infuse their June Festival celebrations with their own local twists, such as the Bumba Meu Boi legend of São Luís, enjoyed by Michael Palin on his travels to Brazil in 2013.

In a country of so many bucket list destinations, why should the June Festivals be on the radar of international travellers? Paulo Veloso, Managing Director of London-based Latin America specialists Veloso Tours gives us the answer. “The June Festivals are the perfect excuse to visit northern Brazil. In a two week trip you could easily enjoy the celebrations in one of the lesser-visited cities of the north, explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area and perhaps stay at one of the excellent nearby beach resorts, finishing with a three or four night stay in Rio de Janeiro further south, for a really in-depth and diverse holiday.”

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Editors notes: Brazil’s June Festivals were recently launched with a week-long event at the Brazilian Embassy in London, as well as in several other European cities. This was the first promotion of the festivals, aiming to raise awareness of their cultural importance.

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