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Trekking the Wilds

Trekking the Wilds

Trekking the Wilds Overview

Trekking the wilds of Borneo is not for the faint of heart but it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Deep within the heart of Borneo near the Malaysian and Indonesian borders lies the Maliau Basin. Known as the Lost World, it’s reachable only by 4WD and explored exclusively on foot.

Our two-week holiday will give you a few days to adjust to the climate as you walk around Kota Kinabalu and Kinabalu Park before your 5-day trek begins. Within the Maliau Basin, you’ll find steep hills, muddy paths, and more leeches than you can count. It’s a strenuous journey from one campsite to the next but the rewards are worth the effort. Wild animals abound including sun bears, proboscis monkeys, barking deer, and peregrine falcons. You may even come across a rafflesia in bloom or an elusive clouded leopard. Your meals, sleeping bag, and a pair of leech socks will be provided but you’ll need to carry the basics. We’ve ended this trip with time to rest, relax, and dry out on Gaya Island. It’s no easy feat, trekking the wilds of Borneo, so enjoy bit of luxury at the end of your holiday.
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