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Discovery holidays worldwide

• Stay in a yurt in Mongolia or in remote Uzbekistan

• Visit the Taj Mahal at dawn and see Tigers in India

• Ride a camel in the Sahara desert in Morocco

• Track mountain gorillas in Uganda

• Explore the temples and trails of Burma

Our Discovery collection draws together the best of our holidays that focus on the culture of a destination, as well as on visiting iconic sights and embracing local traditions. Some of these Discovery holidays will also have an element of activity, combining sightseeing with short walks, for example. Others might have a multi-activity holiday format, including biking and/or rafting, for instance, and these holidays are specifically designed for the adrenaline seeker! Also within our discovery collection are those of our holidays with a wildlife emphasis, photographic workshops, and polar cruise holidays.

Never too physically demanding, these are predominantly touring holidays and their grade (usually towards the lower end of our 1 to 12 scale) reflects, in part, the remoteness of the area visited and the conditions likely to be encountered. Our Discovery holidays allow the discerning traveller to get right to the heart of many of the world's most stimulating destinations.

Using our 3 decades of experience in the business of adventure travel, we have created Discovery holidays that have a lot to offer. These are adventure holidays that have excited our interest - quite simply, they are the best discovery holidays in the world and include everything from Nepal Explorer to the Highlights of Sri Lanka and the Wildlife of Costa Rica. If you are looking to Walk the Great Wall of China or Explore Madagascar or take a Photographic Tour of Jordan then this is where your dreams can be realised.

Choose one of our discovery holidays for the chance to escape your day-to-day routine, experience one of the world's exotic regions and learn a little of the way-of life of the local people.

24 great holidays from Discovery Holidays
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Highlights of North India holiday – the definitive tour from Jaipur to Varanasi

Price from £1,235 Traveller rating:5100% Holiday duration: 9 days
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Best of Northern India

Easy walks and active sightseeing on this Balkan holiday through Serbia, Bosnia and Croatia in Former Yugoslavia

Price from £1,265 Holiday duration: 10 days
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Tito's Trails - Belgrade to Dubr

A journey through the foothills of the Western Himalaya from Rishikesh to Amritsar

Price from £1,765 Holiday duration: 12 days
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The Spirit of India

Discover all the delights of Thailand, its bustling cities, historical sites, jungle nature reserves and beautiful beaches

Price from £1,825 Holiday duration: 13 days
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Kingdom of Siam and Koh Tao

From Hanoi to Saigon - an active, cultural and colourful tour of Vietnam

Price from £1,945 Traveller rating:5100% Holiday duration: 14 days
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Vietnam from North to South

India's foremost tiger parks and finest wildlife holiday

Price from £2,095 Holiday duration: 14 days
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Tigers, Temples and Taj Mahal

A journey of discovery across Southeast Asia

Price from £2,095 Holiday duration: 14 days
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Saigon to Bangkok - Mekong Explo

Experience the best of Sri Lanka on our comprehensive discovery holiday

Price from £2,105 Holiday duration: 14 days
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Sri Lanka Explorer

An adventure holiday full of wildlife, walks and wine in South Africa

Price from £2,125 Traveller rating:5100% Holiday duration: 11 days
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Cape Town and the Garden Route

From Halong Bay to Luang Prabang, a walking journey through the colourful culture of Vietnam and Laos

Price from £2,295 Holiday duration: 15 days
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Mountains to the Mekong