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Riviera di Levante: Genoa & Pisa

Riviera di Levante: Genoa & Pisa

Riviera di Levante: Genoa & Pisa Overview

• Travel along the Riviera di Levante tracing the artistic legacy of the Italian city-states from Genoa to Pisa • Visit some of Italy’s most impressive architectural sites including Pisa’s Baptistery and Campo Santo • Enjoy the picturesque towns and villages of the Italian coastline, including Portofino and Porto Venere on the Cinque Terre

For centuries the maritime republics of Italy dominated the Mediterranean. These powerful city-states were fiercely competitive, and our tour will trace the history of their stormy rivalries as we make our way along the enchanting Riviera di Levante (‘coast of the rising sun’), travelling between Genoa and Pisa. We will travel down the spectacular Ligurian coastline, where picturesque towns cling to hillsides and reside in narrow valleys where the mountains meet the sea. The area of the Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage site in recognition of its combination of scenic beauty and human endeavour, and we will journey along the coast discovering Portofino and Porto Venere.
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