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Greenland: Sailing Scoresby Sund

Greenland: Sailing Scoresby Sund

Greenland: Sailing Scoresby Sund Overview

Sail the beautiful and remote Scoresbysund (the world's longest, widest fjord system) aboard the traditional schooners 'Opal' or 'Hildur'. These elegant two-masted wooden schooners allow for a more intimate exploration of the spectacular Greenland coast, with a maximum of just 10-12 passengers travelling under billowing canvas.


  • cruise the calm waters of Scoresby Sund and explore the fjord system
  • marvel at spectacular gorges with sheer cliffs plummeting to depths of more than 3000 metres
  • visit the tiny village of Ittoqqortoormiit, the most northerly settlement on Greenland’s east coast, home to just 500 inhabitants - a day here will provide a real insight into the Arctic way of life
  • Try your skills at sea swimming at 71°N (temperatures can be as surprising as 13°C in the summertime!)

Departures are available throughout August

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