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Yunnan by Rail

Yunnan by Rail

Yunnan by Rail Overview

China Yunnan, Kunming-Dali-Lijiang by train Discover Yunnan on an incredible train journey from Kunming to Dali and Lijiang. Explore Yunnan’s cultural wonders, travel through timeless landscapes, visit minority ethnic tribes. Best time for this tour is from March and May / October and November

Day 1: Arrival in Kunming (altitude 1900 m)

On your arrival, you will be met and transferred to your hotel.

Overnight in Kunming.

Distance and journey time:

Kunming airport – Kunming city (approx. 30km): approx. 40 min

Day 2: Kunming walking tour. Overnight train to Dali

Begin your day with a short walk in Green Lake Park (also known as Cuihu Park), letting you get a feel for the atmosphere of Chinese parks in the morning.

Afterwards, visit the Yuantong Temple, one of the oldest Buddhist monuments in Kunming and is known for its unique location. It is situated in a natural valley, contributing to the peaceful atmosphere of the temple. Visit the Taoist Golden Temple located on a small hill surrounded by pine and cypress trees.

Move on to the Yunnan Provincial Museum, an essential stop for anyone wishing to truly understand the characteristically multi-ethnic nature of this region. China has 56 different officially recognised minority groups, but during this trip, you will mainly learn about the Yi (the largest minority in Yunnan), the Hui Muslims, the Buyi, the Bai, the Hani and the Naxi. The museum has a beautiful collection of finery and traditional dress.

Station: Kunming - Dali Train number: K9692

Estimated departure time: 23:15

Estimated arrival time: 07:35(+1)

Second class tickets are included in the price. Cabins feature soft berths, with 4 berths per cabin. For those who would like to reserve the entire cabin (or change to another class), please contact us.

Day 3: Dali touring

Upon arrival at the station, your personal guide and driver will be waiting for a transfer to the hotel for breakfast.

Dali, home to the Bai minority and was a stronghold of the kingdom of Nanzhao (738-902) and the epicentre of the Dali Kingdom. The Bai first settled in the region more than 3000 years ago and their first dwellings surrounded the lake. Following their victory against the Tang Empire in the 8th Century, they founded the Kingdom of Nanzhao. The Bai are most distinguishable by their clothing - predominantly white and by their homes.

Visit the Three Pagodas at the Chongsheng temple. The three pagodas were part of a vast monastic centre which unfortunately was almost completely destroyed in an earthquake. The remaining temple was restored and transformed into a museum.

Head back to the old town of Dali, where you can still find some typical Bai homes. A relaxed and warm atmosphere seems to ooze from these white-walled homes, on which you can find paintings representing mountains, running water, birds and flowers. Their front porches, famous throughout the country, are distinguished by their beautifully carved arches.

Optional: Spend the evening in a famous local artist’s house in a village nearby Erhai Lake.

Overnight in Dali.

Distance and journey time: Dali train station–Dali old town (20 km): approx. 25 min

Day 4: Dali to Lijiang by train (altitude 2500 m)

Morning transfer to the train station for the train to Lijiang.

Train Station: Dali – Lijiang

Train number: K9629

Estimated departure time: 09:15

Estimated arrival time: 12:18

On arrival in Lijiang, your personal guide & driver will be waiting to transfer you to the hotel.

Crossing over the labyrinth of alleyways you will arrive at the “Lion Hill” which offers you a fantastic view over the village below. Afterwards, visit the Mu Palace which is named after the Chinese Empire warlords who ruled from this magnificent residence in this region during the Mongol Dynasty (13th century). The palace is a vivid example of Ming and Qing architecture, based on the same style of architecture as the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Head to the edge of the old town where you will be able to enjoy the local market and get a feel for the ‘real’ Lijiang, where you will see locals still dressed in traditional clothing selling teas, vegetables, fruits and even daily tools in a very vibrant and animated atmosphere.

From here walk to the Black Dragon Pond Park in the north of the town which offers, on a clear day, a panoramic view of the famous Jade Dragon Mountain.

Overnight in Lijiang

Distance and journey times:

Dali old town - Dali train station (20 km): approx. 25 min

Lijiang train station – Lijiang old town (7 km): approx. 15 min

Day 5: Lijiang to Jade Dragon Mountain. Overnight train to Kunming

Depart with your personal guide to the Jade Dragon Mountain, standing majestically to the north of the city. On the way back to Lijiang, pass by Lashi Lake (elevation of 2500 meters). You may take an optional horseback ride along the historic Old Tea Horse Trail. back to Lijiang old town located 10 km away (approx. 30-minute drive).

Return to your hotel. Afternoon at leisure.

Late evening, transfer to Lijiang train station for a night train to Kunming.

Train Station: Lijiang – Kunming

Train number: K9614

Estimated departure time: 21:10

Estimated arrival time: 05:48(+1)

Distance and journey times:

Lijiang – Yak meadow (approx. 50km): 1h30

Yak meadow – Lijiang train station (approx. 55km): 1h40

Day 6: Kunming departure

On arrival, your personal guide will be waiting to transfer you to Kunming Airport for your departing flight.

Distance and journey time: Kunming city - Kunming airport (28 km): approx. 40 min

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