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Tour of Chile & Easter Island

Tour of Chile & Easter Island

Tour of Chile & Easter Island Overview

This 16 day holiday combines the Chilean capital, Santiago; the beautiful Lake District; the wilderness of Patagonia, including the fantastic Torres del Paine and the enigmatic Easter Island.

Natural Wonders of Chile + Easter Island


Day 1 (Wednesday) - Fly overnight from the UK to Santiago
Meal included on the transatlantic flight.

Fly overnight from the UK to Santiago. A vibrant, bustling city exploding from the foothills of the Andes, Chile’s stylish capital city is filled with traditional markets, museums, art galleries, fine restaurants and theatres. With a backdrop of the magnificent snow-capped Andes, Santiago also has one of the most spectacular natural settings of any city.

Day 2 (Thursday) - Free day in Santiago
Meal included on the transatlantic flight.

After a morning arrival in Santiago, you are met at the airport and taken to your hotel. The afternoon and evening are free for you to recover from your flight or explore Santiago at your leisure. Perhaps visit the 16th-century San Francisco Church and traditional markets of the old town, or explore the shopping malls and trendy restaurants in the bohemian Bellavista district. The city also has plenty of green parks and beauty spots; the views from atop San Cristobal hill are particularly stunning.

Day 3 (Friday) - Take the optional Vineyard and Valparaiso excursion, or enjoy a free day in Santiago
Breakfast at the hotel. Lunch included on the Vineyard & Valparaiso excursion.

Spend a second day getting to know Santiago or take the full-day optional Vineyard & Valparaiso excursion, which takes you to the fascinating city of Valparaiso, where a series of funiculars transport you to the upper levels of the city for spectacular views. Also visit an idyllic vineyard in the Casablanca Valley, which produces some of Chile’s finest wines, for lunch and a wine tour. Return to Santiago in the late afternoon.

Day 4 (Saturday) - Fly to Puerto Varas and explore an ancient Alerce forest
Breakfast at the hotel.

Fly to Puerto Montt then transfer to Puerto Varas in the heart of the Chilean Lake District. You stop for a brief tour of an ancient Alerce forest where the trees grow to almost 50 metres tall and live for 4,000 years. Puerto Varas is a charming, small town, perfectly in keeping with the tranquillity of the region. It is well known for its Germanic traditions and stunning location on the shoreline of Lake Llanquihue, with lovely views across the bay to the volcanoes of Osorno and Calbuco.

Day 5 (Sunday) - Take the optional Osorno Volcano & Hike excursion, or enjoy a free day in Puerto Varas
Breakfast at the hotel. A packed lunch is included on the Osorno Volcano & Hike excursion.

A free day in Puerto Varas. Explore the surrounding area by yourself or take the optional Osorno Volcano & Hike excursion. This excursion takes you to the snow-capped Osorno Volcano and on a tour of the surrounding area, including a forest hike and a visit to the Petrohue cascades. The hike lasts approximately two hours and is on uneven terrain, so a reasonable level of fitness is required.

Day 6 (Monday) - Fly over the Southern Patagonian Ice Field to Puerto Natales
Breakfast at the hotel.

Transfer to Puerto Montt airport then fly to Punta Arenas, located on the Straits of Magellan. The flight takes you over the Southern Patagonian Ice Field, and it is possible to see the glaciers snaking their way into the sea. Then take a three-hour transfer to Puerto Natales, a small town wonderfully set on the shores of Last Hope Sound, with especially beautiful sunrises.

Day 7 (Tuesday) - Travel to Torres del Paine and take a tour of the national park
Breakfast at the hotel. A packed lunch is included on the tour of Torres Del Paine.

The day begins with an early start from Puerto Natales for the journey to Torres del Paine. The scenic drive north takes about two hours and takes you past Lake Sarmiento, known for the strange formations of calcium deposits along its shoreline, all the way to the entrance of Torres del Paine National Park. This is one of the great wildernesses of the world, full of soaring peaks, glacial valleys and wild grasslands. The huge granite peaks of the Paine Massif, referred to as the ‘Towers of Paine’, rise up dramatically from the windswept terrain, creating one of the most striking natural landscapes on earth. The national park is also home to an abundance of wildlife, including guanacos (a type of llama), rheas (South American ostriches), condors, foxes and rare pumas. The tour takes you to several vantage points around the park, where you can marvel at the amazing mountain formations of the Paine Massif and the spectacular Cuernos (‘Horns’) del Paine. The tour continues across to the central area of the park and to the pristine Nördenskjold and Pehoe lakes, adorned by fresh greenery and grazing wild guanacos, and also to the majestic Salto Grande waterfall. After a respite for a packed lunch, conclude the tour with a visit to Lago Grey, one of Torres del Paine’s largest lakes. From here you can take our optional Boat to Grey Glacier excursion, a beautiful boat ride from the shoreline to the face of the magnificent Grey Glacier. At the end of the tour you are taken to your hotel, where you can spend a relaxing evening enjoying wonderful views of the Paine Massif.

Day 8 (Wednesday) - Take the optional Las Torres or Lake Sarmiento trekking excursions, or explore on your own
Breakfast at the hotel. Lunch included on the Las Torres Trek excursion.

A free day to explore Torres del Paine National Park at your leisure. Take one of the hiking excursions to make the most of your time in one of the world’s most famous trekking destinations. The easiest option is the Hike to Lake Sarmiento, a half day excursion which involves a 3 hour trek along a flatter route than most others in the park, from Amarga Lagoon to Lake Sarmiento, passing the Paine massif en-route. Alternatively, you can take the slightly tougher optional Las Torres Trek excursion, where you trek through beech forest before arriving at the glacial moraine, with fantastic views of the granite towers. The excursion lasts approximately ten hours and is of moderate-to-high difficulty, with a packed lunch included. In addition, you can also book activities directly in the hotel, including horse riding and mountain biking, as well as other tours of the park by minivan. Excursions available from the hotel can book up in advance, so if you would like to arrange an excursion from the hotel, we suggest you book this before departure.

Day 9 (Thursday) - Free day, return to Puerto Natales in the evening or take the Serrano River Zodiac excursion
Breakfast at the hotel. Lunch included on the Serrano River Zodiac excursion.

Enjoy a free morning in Torres del Paine, perhaps taking advantage of this free time to do further trekking before transferring by road to Puerto Natales in the afternoon. Alternatively, for a more scenic and exciting journey back to Puerto Natales, you can take the full-day Serrano River Zodiac excursion, where you bid a dramatic farewell to Torres Del Paine as you sail out of the park down the Rio Serrano, past glaciers and forests all the way to the Last Hope Sound. The excursion lunch is enjoyed at a remote estancia before returning to Puerto Natales by road.

Day 10 (Friday) - Transfer to Punta Arenas and fly to Santiago
Breakfast at the hotel.

Take a three-hour transfer from Puerto Natales to Punta Arenas, which may be on a public coach, for your flight to Santiago, where you are met and taken to your hotel. On some occasions, the flight to Santiago departs from Puerto Natales airport in which case there will just be a short transfer from your hotel in Puerto Natales.
Day 11 (Saturday) - Fly to Easter Island
Breakfast at the hotel.

Take a five-hour flight from Santiago to Easter Island. The most isolated inhabited island on earth, Easter Island is home to the enigmatic Moai, the monolithic stone head statues mysteriously created by an ancient civilization. On arrival, you are greeted by a traditional reception with flower necklaces before transferring to your hotel. You have the rest of the day free to explore the town of Hanga Roa.

Day 12 (Sunday) - Explore Easter Island; visit the Ranu Raraku volcanic crater and Anakena sandy beach
Breakfast at the hotel. Packed lunch included on the island tour.

The day begins with a scenic drive along the coastal road, past stoic Moai and beautiful ocean views, to Ranu Raraku, a volcanic crater which served as a quarry and supplied the stone for about 95% of the island’s Moai. Almost 400 Moai are still found in this area. Descend the volcano to the restored Ahu Tongariki, where 15 Moai, including the largest on the island, can be found. After a packed lunch, continue to Anakena, a beautiful white coral sandy beach with coconut palms, where you can swim in the Pacific. Return to your hotel in the late afternoon.

Day 13 (Monday) - Explore Easter Island; visit the ceremonial centre of Orongo and the unusual site of Ahu Akivi
Breakfast at the hotel.

Drive to the Rano Kau volcano and visit the interesting ceremonial centre of Orongo. This was the centre of the birdman cult, where an annual race was held to bring back the first sooty tern egg from a nearby islet. There are also many petroglyphs here. In the afternoon, visit Ahu Akivi, an unusual site where the seven moai gaze out across the ocean rather than facing inland. Spend the evening relaxing at your hotel and enjoying your last night in one of the most unique places in the world.

Day 14 (Tuesday) - Fly from Easter Island to Santiago
Breakfast at the hotel.

Depending on your flight time, have a final chance to enjoy the island before you catch your transfer to the airport for your flight back to Santiago.

Day 15 (Wednesday) - Final day in Santiago, fly overnight to the UK
Breakfast at the hotel. Meal included on the transatlantic flight.

Depending on your flight time, perhaps spend your last day shopping for souvenirs in the marketplaces or visit one of the many museums. Transfer to the airport for your return overnight flight to the UK.

Day 16 (Thursday) - Arrival in the UK

Your flight arrives in the UK.

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