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Cedarberg Africa Sustainability

Cedarberg Africa

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

Cedarberg Africa has strong roots in our local community in the Cederberg region of South Africa. We launched the company at a time when the eyes of the world were upon that new democracy in the mid- 1990s. It was obvious from the start that any fledgling business working there must be positive for its people, its environment and the wider world.

We believe that tourism can drive positive change in Africa in terms of sustainable development, wildlife conservation and empowerment of people. We support a number of community initiatives such as the Cederberg Heritage Route, and also have set up our own pre-school for farmworkers’ children, Lemoenland, a project which is very dear to our hearts.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Cedarberg Africa

Lemoenland Pre-School

Cedarberg set up a small rural pre-school in South Africa in 2001. We know how important a good early education can be, especially for children from poor or previously disadvantaged backgrounds, so that they are not already behind at age 7.

  • 2 classrooms with 2 properly qualified teachers and a teacher’s assistant.
  • Every year there are about 50+ children.
  • We follow the set pre-school curriculum
  • Regular funding drives to get extra money for school outings
  • New - breakfast!