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Walking Holiday on the Captivati

Walking Holiday on the Captivati

Walking Holiday on the Captivati Overview

Winter sunshine walking holiday on the remote and stunning volcanic islands of Cape Verde

Located just off the coast of Africa, over 1000 miles south of the Canary Islands, the Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) archipelago is a walker’s paradise. With its rugged coastlines and fertile terraced volcanic slopes you will have plenty of days to explore four of these beautiful islands and immerse yourself in the islands' Creole Portuguese-African culture. Using award-winning Binter flights and local ferries, you will island hop between Santiago, Sao Vicente, Pico and Santo Antao, exploring the island's unique landscapes. The holiday starts in the largest and most populated island – Santiago, with a night in Praia. A short flight takes us to the nearby island Fogo which is famous for its excellent wine and marvellous classic shaped volcano. Here you’ll hike up ashy slopes to the highest spot on Cape Verde at 2829m, an adventure that is unique to KE. Next you'll fly to Sao Vicente, before taking a ferry to the most northerly island, Santo Antao. You spend seven beautiful days walking amidst the sub-tropical jagged mountains. Santo Antao is lush, mountainous and a haven for walkers. If the magnificent peak of Pico do Fogo is not your highlight of this walking holiday then the trails on Santo Antao will be. They are simply outstanding. Cape Verde is a beautiful and remote walking destination with stunning views of rugged coast lines all set in the middle of the turquoise blue ocean. Winter sunshine, excellent food, wonderful hospitality and incredible walking – you won’t want to leave.
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