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Our sustainable Tourism Vision

Travel the Right Way

Responsible travel is part of Audley’s DNA. Since the beginning, we’ve strived to work with local people and businesses in our destinations. Not only do we feel this gives you the best experience, it also brings benefits to local communities. As a result, local people are motivated to preserve what attracts visitors, be it their culture, wildlife or environment. Conversely, we actively avoid ‘tourist traps’.

There’s plenty you can do on your trip to travel the right way, from recycling to being aware of cultural sensitivities, as well as acting as our ‘eyes and ears’ for the great, and not so great.

Our Commitment: We believe it’s our responsibility to help you travel the right way. We do this through collaboration with the people we work closely with across the world, with leaders in the sustainability community and with the passionate staff at Audley.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Audley Travel

Complete the requirements to achieve a Travelife Partnership at the end of 2019.

At Audley we have always been focused on traveling the right way, but we have not always been good at communicating this to clients and staff. We decided the best way to address this challenge was to work towards a Travelife Partnership, which we started in 2017. Travelife ( is an international sustainability certification guiding travel companies to meet high environmental, social and economics impact standards.

In 2019, we pledge to complete our Travelife partnership by implementing our Audley Travel Sustainability policy stating our sustainability commitments across the business. In addition, we will publish our 2019 Sustainability report informing clients and staff on our sustainability achievement this year and commitments for the following year. Working toward our partnership has helped us to improve across the board and record our social and environmental impact. This will create a solid base on which to build our future vision.

Upon completion we will share our Sustainability Policy with our clients and staff to hold ourselves accountable going forward. An intrinsic part of the Travelife partnership is ensuring we work hard to educate clients and staff on how they can help us on our journey to even more sustainable and responsible travel in the years to come.

For more information on our pledge please contact Audley Travel’s Responsible Travel and Sustainability Manager, Heather Magnussen.

  • - Sign up for a Travelife Partnership
  • -Work across the business to alter the way we worked to meet the Travelife guidelines
  • - Submit application to be approved for a partnership
  • -Annual check ins to maintain partnership status