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Spirit of Shackleton Expedition

Spirit of Shackleton Expedition

Spirit of Shackleton Expedition Overview

A three week epic Antarctic expedition visiting the Falkland Islands, South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula

This is the ultimate Antarctic and subantarctic Polar Expedition/Cruise holiday where we can experience vast penguin rookeries and seal colonies on Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. On our ship the MS Expedition we visit the Falkland Islands and South Georgia before travelling to the Antarctic Peninsula. With this full itinerary we ensure that we have the best opportunity to see all the wildlife of the area, for example King Penguins and the Albatross which breed on South Georgia, but not on the Antarctica Peninsula. Here on South Georgia we can walk quietly amongst the king penguins and watching them surf onto the beach. Unique wildlife is also seen on our 2 day stop at the Falkland Islands. The 22-day voyage also illuminates Shackleton's legend and recounts his courageous exploration of Antarctica. We visit historical sites of the explorers, as well as Shackleton's final resting place. Antarctica is beyond comprehension and sure to amaze any traveller seeking a true adventure to the world's most remote wilderness.
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