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From Rio to Antarctica

From Rio to Antarctica

From Rio to Antarctica Overview

An epic, once-in-a-lifetime journey from Rio to Iguassu, Buenos Aires and Andean mountain landscapes to Patagonia and Cape Horn, A wonderful prelude to the breathtaking Antarctica wildernesses of towering glaciers, wildlife and incredible icescapes.

Explore the contrasting lifestyle in cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Observe awe-inspiring Iguassu Falls from the Brazilian and Argentine sides. Enjoy guided walking trails, horse riding and picnics in splendid alpine scenery. Traverse the Andes from Argentina to Chile crossing three lakes. Discover the beauty and wildness of Torres del Paine National Park. Enjoy an M/V Australis 4-night expedition cruise to Cape Horn and Tierra del Fuego. Sail to the Antarctic Peninsula on the M/V Plancius. Explore the icy landscapes, with sheltered bays, huge glaciers and icebergs. Encounter penguins, sea birds, seals and whales.
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