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Adventurous Ewe Ltd Sustainability

Adventurous Ewe Ltd

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

We believe that with great travel, comes even greater responsibility.
Tourism is one of the most important and largest industries on the planet. It employs more people worldwide than any other, with millions of families relying on tourism for their daily needs. At Adventurous Ewe we believe that our type of small scale, positive impact tourism can bring benefits to many communities, help preserve the environments we travel to see, and provide real and positive social exchanges.

Since our very first days as a tour operator, responsible business has been at the heart of what we do. Adventurous Ewe is committed not just to treading lightly, but to making a real difference – by supporting local communities, wildlife conservation projects and the environment. We’re all about operating in a responsible manner and incorporating principles of sustainable tourism and development into the way we provide our travellers with real life experiences. These values are more than just words; they’re ingrained in the culture and daily
operations of the Adventurous Ewe team and on every trip.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Adventurous Ewe Ltd