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American Civil War: West Theatre

American Civil War: West Theatre

American Civil War: West Theatre Overview

Whilst the American Civil War seemed to ebb and flow in the east during the years 1862 – 1864, in the west it took the form of a gradual, systematic Federal march southwards in order to open the symbolic, but nevertheless important, Mississippi River from the Union heartland to the Gulf of Mexico, simultaneously splitting the Confederacy in half.

On this ‘highlights tour’ we will visit many of the important battle sites of the four year campaign for the Mississippi River Valley: Fort Donelson where the little known Union General U.S. Grant began the rise which would lead to his command of all Federal armies within a few short years; the blood bath at Shiloh; the campaign and siege of the crucial river city of Vicksburg. We will also examine the battles in Kentucky and Tennessee and the opportunities lost by Bragg and Hood. We revel in the splendid glory of America’s ‘Deep South’ as we travel from Kentucky through Tennessee, Mississippi and Louisiana. The battlefields may not be as well-known as those of the Eastern Theater, but they are just as well preserved and set in stunning and varying landscapes that offer a superb platform from which to interpret the fighting. We’ll also stay in some of America’s most historical and culturally rich towns including; Nashville, a hotbed of country music and New Orleans, one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in the USA. Throughout the tour we will be staying in comfortable, well located full-service hotels and enjoy a wide variety of traditional and American cuisine in a host of restaurants.
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