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Tucan Travel

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

We believe that it is only by seeing and engaging with different people, cultures and habitats that we can begin to have an understanding of the world around us. It is only through this understanding that we can hope to learn how to protect and conserve the world for the future generations of all species.

We recognise that ‘adventure’ may mean different things to different people. Here at Tucan Travel we believe there is adventure in the everyday as much as in the exotic. We also recognise that we are fortunate in that our everyday offers the opportunity, and the freedom to choose our adventure. Others are less fortunate and for many adventures may be the dream of living free from fear, hunger, poverty and exploitation.

Tucan Travel’s long term commitment to responsible travel is informed by the UN Sustainable Development Goals; the world's best plan to end poverty, reduce inequalities and tackle climate change. Our Purpose sets out how we support our travellers to make informed decisions so that they are able to travel without causing harm and be in a position to offer benefit to the people, cultures, animals and habitats they visit. In this way we can all contribute to the realisation of the development goals.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Tucan Travel

Travelling with Purpose

In 2019 Tucan Travel will complete a critical review 75% of our existing policies and systems.

This review will include refreshing our Animal Welfare Policy as an extension to our existing commitment to uphold animal rights. Since 2014 we have refused to offer elephant rides on any of our tours. We want to go further to ensure that all species are treated with respect. We will also revise our Anti Slavery and Child Welfare Policies. We will critically evaluate our products against these revised policies and advise all services within our supply chain of our zero tolerance towards human and animal exploitation. Any product that does not meet our revised standards by March 2020 will be changed or removed from our itineraries.

Tucan Travel also pledges to support the wellbeing of all of our staff and crew by launching an employee assistance programme by January 2020 and enabling access to a wide range of self-help and counselling, guidance and support for all staff and crew.

This pledge is important to us because we want to make a difference. As a small independent company there is a limit to what we can achieve so we will act with purpose to do what we can and trust Tucan Travellers to do the same. We will update the information available to our travellers to help them make informed decisions and provide guidance on how they can help us to support animals, humans and the habitats in our destinations. This pledge sets us on a path for change, and one that we believe will give security of mind to everyone booking and with us that we can make travel purposeful.

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