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Helping rural families in India to be water self-sufficient

In 2018/2019 TransIndus pledges to help build roof rainwater harvesting systems in villages in Rajasthan. These rural communities face drought forcing women and children to walk over two kilometres in a desperate search for water. Rajasthan is a location which has given us and our clients a vast array of enriching experiences over the years and we want to give something back to these wonderful communities.

We will help protect these communities by providing them with safer, cleaner and sustainable water by installing rainwater harvesting systems for five households in rural villages. We will do this in cooperation with the charity “Water Harvest” which has already installed 112 of these systems working with one village at a time.

This year, Water Harvest aim to install 50 new systems. Each one costs approximately £300 including material costs, building work, support, education and maintenance. Each of the five systems TransIndus helps install will be funded entirely from company profits. We are proud to be supporting this work and helping to change the lives of these villagers for the better.

In addition to the above funds, we aim to involve our customers in the project. We encourage them to visit some of the villages to see the systems being built, to contribute in person by offering expertise and support or to donate money towards the installation of further rain water harvesting tanks.

To learn more about the project and how you can make a difference

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