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Winter Walking Week, Guarda

Winter Walking Week, Guarda

Winter Walking Week, Guarda Overview

Winter walking is always special here, all the more so when accompanied by your charming hosts, who will show you the best paths.

  • enjoy three guided excursions with your charming hosts
  • centuries-old 3-star hotel in idyllic village
  • horse-drawn sleigh ride included

Anyone can enjoy winter walking or snowshoeing – no previous experience or special technique is required – and both are wonderful ways to appreciate the snowy landscapes at entirely your own pace. Snowshoeing is particularly rewarding in that you can strike out across virgin snow, exploring areas inaccessible on skis or on foot, while winter walking is made easy with specially flattened paths and signposting that is designed so that it won’t disappear in a snow shower. Another great advantage, if one were needed, is that neither activity requires much in the way of equipment – you can wear normal waterproof walking boots for both, as snowshoes (rather like plastic tennis racquets) attach easily to everyday footwear.

On a winter walking week at the delightful Hotel Meisser in the sunny Engadine Valley, you can discover one of Switzerland’s best-kept secrets on foot, with two guided walks and one guided snowshoe excursion with your hosts and other guests included. The Engadine is a place where winter is truly magical and is characterised by frozen lakes, quintessentially Alpine scenery and picture-book villages whose streets transport you back in time as you walk amid the distinctive stone houses.
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