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Members Practising Sustainable Tourism

Members Practising Sustainable Tourism
You can view each members' sustainable tourism projects under their own company listing. Here is an overview of some of the fantastic work going on in the UK and abroad by our members.

Guide Training for our Sherpa staff

We invest in our staff and Lopsang Sherpa is a good example of someone wanting to become a guide but needing the backing of a sponsor
We pay for his professional development during the off season

  • Nepal is a member of the UIAGM, and their international guide courses cost several thousand pounds and takes years to complete
  • As our employee, we commit to each other. He to his job and we to his career
  • Loyal staff = sustainable company
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Mattresses in Porters Lodges in the Khumbu

Every year we donate ~ 300 mattresses to the six porters lodges in the Khumbu Valley near Everest. Some come from our big expeditions, some are bought.
A mattress is about £18.00.
Great way of doing the right thing in a simple way!

  • Porters accommodation is great but the lodges are mostly empty, people need to keep warm and cook food
  • Blankets, mattresses, cooking stoves - basic requirements for sustainable living!
  • Happy staff = happy trips = reputation = sustainable
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Blue Line Hotel on slopes of Mount Kenya

A great rural hotel run by the effervescent Mama Nyokabi. We use it for all our treks and safaris on Mt Kenya. Fifteen years ago we brought her business and invested, and now she is a well known entrepreneur and the hotel is sustainable.

  • We provided route to market & advice
  • Hotel now a solid enterprise with positive social impact and hub of activity
  • Community developed out of poverty
  • Classic example of equality, collaboration and social entrepreneurship
  • Clients love it!
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Investing in Sherpa Social Entrepreneurs and Village Co-operatives

In partnership with our Moving Mountains NGO, we invest in facilities in the mountain villages where our guides and porters live.
Working together and harnessing tourism money, there is now long term improved quality of life.

  • Construction of a micro-hydro power plant to bring electricity
  • Buying milling machines to invest in businesses
  • Clean piped water supply to 66 homes so far
  • Installation of 65 high efficiency cooking stoves (so far)
  • All sustainable!
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Renovating Schools for Sherpa villages where our staff live

We have close ties with the mountain communities where our staff live, and with our Moving Mountains NGO we build schools and employ teachers in the villages where they live.
The ethos is to share your business success with the community.

  • Building and upgrading classrooms, toilets, and providing water and power
  • This contributes to happy family life and develops strong community life and ultimately happy staff
  • Our volunteer programmes provide sustainable income for schools
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Investing in Schools and making them sustainable in Kenya

We combine investment from our Moving Mountains NGO with sustainable financial support from AA.
For schools we use tourism to provide long term funding and also logistical support and advice.
In 20 years we've seen amazing turnarounds.

  • We work with 'MM' to build new schools and facilities like water pumps, kitchens,. toilets, desks, chairs etc
  • We offer trips for people to help with the project.
  • Our volunteer programme provides long term financial support to the school
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Zanskar Bridge Project

Initiated by Mountain Kingdoms MD, Steve Berry, this unique project is building a rare Zanskari bridge of interwoven twigs, helping to keep ancient Zanskari traditions and culture alive. Email for further info.

  • Zanskar is a Tibetan Buddhist kingdom, just north of the main Himalayan range, in Ladakh, India.
  • Traditionally Ladakhi people depended on incredible woven twig bridges in order to cross the icy rivers.
  • 1st bridge has now been built
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Conservation Lower Zambezi

In 2009 we started a programme of regular donations to Conservation Lower Zambezi – an NGO which aims to reduce poaching and misuse of resources in Zambia's Lower Zambezi. These are ongoing, and to date have included:

  • 8 GPS devices for anti-poaching patrols.
  • 2 digital SLR cameras, for assisting CLZ's environmental education work.
  • An air-to-ground radio for use on anti-poaching patrols.
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Mamfabissa, South Africa

Mamfabissa is a small community in South Africa, not far from the famous Kruger Safari Park. In late 2012 we identified a group of serious vulnerable young children and have provided finding to help give them basic support and education.

  • It is early days but already the funds we have raised (around £2000) have started a programme of social care and education for a group of 75 children. It is a small part of a big problem but it is start and many thanks to our clients
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Morocco Schools

We are very proud to manage a programme to help Moroccan schools in the rural area south of Essaouira. In 2010 we became aware of a primary school that a lovely teacher and children but also holes in the roof and no toilet facilities.

  • We set up funding and managing a repair programme and September 2012 the school re-opened. We have now started on our second school. Thanks for all our clients for make this possible.
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