OJE1 Casa Pili reviews

OJE1 Casa Pili reviews

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Relaxing family holiday in idyllic surroundings

By Red Martin on 11 Aug 2017

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We are a family of 4 with our eldest son living and working in Valladolid. We decided to drive from England to Northern Spain through France (over 2 days), stay in a villa (for a week) and pick our son up so he could spend quality time with us and travel back to the UK. We arrived on Monday 31st July having left England on 29th. We drove to Valladolid on Tuesday 1st August, had a lovely day there and then the 4 of us returned to the villa that evening. The weather from Wednesday to Friday was really warm so we spend most of the 3 days at the villa taking advantage of the swimming pool and the lovely surroundings near the beautiful town of Potes where we explored and had some lovely meals. The rest of the week we explored the area and then left on Monday 7th August driving back again through France to the UK, returning home late afternoon on 9th August. We had a lovely holiday in an area of Spain we had never visited previously. Our son is returning to Valladolid in the autumn so our plan is to do the same next summer.