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Ride Expeditions Sustainability

Our sustainable Tourism Vision

From the very beginning, we at Ride Expeditions have always wanted to give back in some way. As Cambodia was the very first country in which we ran our tours, it seemed fitting that we chose a local charity based there. We chose to donate to M’Lop Tapang, a local non-profit organisation that is based in Sihanoukville.

Our donations go towards their training centre which teaches welding and bike mechanics to teenagers from poor & troubled backgrounds. This gives them a skill that they can then use to get jobs and gain a steady income in the future. Our donations are also used to help pay towards the petrol & maintenance for the buses that transport the kids to and from school.

We also wanted to do something for the environment to help offset the carbon footprint from riding motorbikes all over the world. Which is where One Tree Planted, comes in, a non-profit organisation with a focus on global reforestation. For each and every rider that books a tour with us we plant a tree on their behalf. Well not physically but someone at One Tree Planted does it for us.

Sustainable Tourism Projects from Ride Expeditions