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Interesting place.

By Teddy on 22 Apr 2017

Rating for this holiday Good

We went to Lanzarote and chose a rural hotel. This was on the edge of a village, and we could walk in for our evening meal.
It was near the Timanfaya volcanic area, which made a very interesting trip. We also visited the artistic installations made by Cesar Manrique.
Food was good, as were the local wines, though expensive. We were interested to see how they grew the vines.
The weather (beginning of April) was not as sunny as we were expecting, and there was a very cold wind.

Rating for tour operator Average

They were very helpful when I rang to make the booking. They rang the hotel to find out the answers to a couple of queries.
However, the tickets were not checked before despatch, so I had to ring to get them altered.
We never saw the local representative, though we could have rung him if necessary.
Having said that, the arrangements all worked well, plane, hire car etc.

A super holiday, excellent accommodation

By JM on 20 Apr 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Our flights from Gatwick to Catania were all on time, we were met at the airport for a pleasant taxi ride to our hotel. Our hotel in Modica was superb, staff helpful and friendly; food excellent.
The rep contacted us by phone, so we knew there was someone nearby should we require help - which we didn't.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Excellent service

Malta trip very much worthwhile.

By Traveller ! on 6 Apr 2017

Rating for this holiday Good

Malta was chosen as we had not been there before. Was amazed at how much building work is going on and also how built up the main areas are which distracted a bit from our expectations. Away from these areas are the main visiting sites which are quite stunning. The people working there were of varied origins but all were very friendly.
Our hotel "The Cavalieri Art Hotel" was not up to the standard we were expecting and we had to get some matters resolved with the management which they did quite quickly. There was an issue with the hot water that lasted into two days and when this was queried we were given conflicting stories which indicated waffle as opposed to real answers. As it was the start of the season there appeared to be a shortfall in staff available especially in the bar where there was usually one person covering drinks and food even in Happy Hour !!! There was also an issue changing a beer barrel which lasted 24 hrs!!!

Rating for tour operator Good

Thomas Cook were excellent. Prestige Holidays however, initially caused problems by not booking the correct aircraft seats and giving details regarding access to boarding passes. On contacting them their staff were quite abrupt and un-friendly. I assume this was because I booked through Thomas Cook and should have queried problems with them and not Prestige. This however in my book does not require persons to be "Official sounding" when talking to end clients.

Villa Courtes

By AndyB60 on 31 Mar 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

I stayed at Villa Courtes which i highly recommend to stay in Tenerife.
You are right on top of the town centre of Playas de las America, where you have
lots of Restraunts, and Bars and shops. Lots of entertainment.
If any single people go to Tenerife i recommend to stay here

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Jean Flood my Prestige Holiday Rep was very helpful

Madeira Heaven

By Running Free on 28 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

Booking - Excellent; Travel - Smooth; Hotel - Brilliant; Summary - We will be back!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Prestige Holidays have looked after us very well; professional in dealing with all aspects of our holiday.

Rest and exploration in Tenerife

By Al on 24 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Good

Fixed quickly at very short notice. Very good hotel. Room a bit disappointing but hotel full. Good care by Prestige staff in resort.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

See above.

A very different Canary Island

By Phil on 23 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent

We want a week's winter sun, we told Winchester's Independent Holiday Shop, but not in the Canaries. Ah, they replied, but have you considered La Palma? Indeed we hadn't, thinking they meant Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. No, we do mean La Palma, they emphasised. Tell us more, we replied. We liked what we heard, so we booked.

In natural beauty, pear-shaped La Palma "rivals all the other [Canary] islands put together," wrote Noel Rochford in his 2015 guide. It's known as La Isla Bonita, 'the pretty island', so he could well be right. With an area of only 706 sq. kms, it claims that for its size it's the world's most mountainous island. In 2002 UNESCO declared it a World Biosphere Reserve, particularly for trees and ferns considered to be authentic living fossils.

Our delightful Prestige Holidays 'cottage' stood 330m feet up, overlooking a steep slope down to the sea. Looking due east we could see the hazy outlines of Canarian neighbours Tenerife and La Gomera. Twelve kilometres north lay Santa Cruz de la Palma, the capital, with a small port serving some of the other islands and mainland Spain, as well cruise ships.

The rugged, forested terrain dotted with volcanic cones, solidified lava flows and dikes declares its volcanic origin and gives the landscape a very special appeal. At the island's southern tip is TeneguĂ­a, in 1971 the last volcano to erupt, causing only one fatality, an elderly fisherman who was asphyxiated by lava fumes. Believed unlikely to erupt again, this must-see feature overlooks two more, the twin Faro de Fuencaliente lighthouses down at sea level. There's a great restaurant there, too.

Volcanic origins dictate that main roads tend to stick to the coastal regions, although one key route does cross the island to link Santa Cruz with Los Llanos de Aridane, the island's second (and larger) city to the west. On its way it passes south of the huge Caldera de Taburiente National Park, a huge, crater-shaped bowl surmounted on its northern flank by the Roques de los Muchachos. At 2426m these 'Rocks of the Boys' are the island's highest point; up here the altitude and dryness of the climate offer dark skies and, after Hawaii, the Northern Hemisphere's second-best location for astronomical observatories. Depending on what time of day you go, you might well find yourselves way above the clouds.

Around the coast cliffs plunge down to beaches of black volcanic sand; the subtropical climate makes bathing possible at any time of the year, while up in the mountains the passing Trade Winds help create a cooler continental climate.

A network of more than a thousand kilometres of footpaths and trails virtually guarantees that many of your fellow airplane passengers will be stowing rucksacks in the overhead lockers. Walking routes range from what Rochford describes as 'easy' to 'very strenuous'. Most are well maintained and waymarked, although overlooking the Caldera de Taburiente we read a sign saying: 'This is a dangerous and narrow path, and it's in very bad condition. It's not a proper path for those who are afraid of heights. There is a high risk of slipping and possible landslides.' You can't say you weren't warned.

Local bus services are good, but to see the island thoroughly, you need a car. Traffic is light - a boon on often extremely windy roads, with frequent hairpins.

Restaurants offer a range of island specialities, particularly locally caught fish and shellfish, thus while octopus, mussels and prawns were no surprise, we hadn't expected to see Moray eel (morena) on a menu. We didn't try it a second time.

Mass-market appeal is not what La Palma offers. As Prestige Holidays says: 'It would suit the more independent traveller seeking an unspoilt destination that is calm, peaceful and has some interesting history and nature at its best.' Hear, hear!

Rating for tour operator Excellent

As their website shows, Prestige Holidays specialise in highly appealing destinations in various parts of the world. They clearly take great care to select the best hotels and properties.

Great hotel shame about Prestige Holidays.

By Frequent Traveller on 19 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Poor

Flights through jet2 good,reception at airport efficient and speedy,Hotel very attractive and hotel staff superb.Sadly all let down by Prestige staff who clearly do not check the housekeeping of the hotel rooms they recommend to their clients who lets be straight pay a premium to Prestige for just such a service.We had a number of minor problems with the room such as broken tiles,blocked sink, telephone not working,hair dryer burning,all dealt with quickly by the hotel but had prestige ground staff occasionally checked the rooms then probably would not have been experienced by clients.When we reported the above to Mr Dixon we initially did Not get a response then one arrived which skimmed over the problems and basically showed his abject disinterest in anything other than compliments .
We would not recommend this tour company Prestige Holidays ( only in name!)

HotelBahia Del Duque

Rating for tour operator Poor

See above

Lovely hotel - great service

By Bampanana on 14 Feb 2017

Rating for this holiday Good

Picked Hacienda de Abajo in La Palma as a quiet relaxing destination for one week's warmth. It did just that in a lovely setting. Not much to do in Tazacorte but one week was perfect. Hotel offered great food, super service and lovely room.Shame there wasn't enough room or loungers around the pool so unable to take the sun at times.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

Got our requirements right and informed us of flight time changes promptly.

Attentive Service

By Mr & Mrs Smith on 28 Jan 2017

Rating for this holiday Excellent
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My wife and I travelled to La Gomera, with Prestige Holidays, the first time we had used this operator. Specific comment must be made on Nicki Gormley, their Representative, who, although not specifically required for any issues, was extremely courteous, attentive, and supportive, throughout the holiday.

La Gomera was a quite wonderful experience, thanks to Prestige Holidays.

Rating for tour operator Excellent

As above.